Hosted by the Rotary E-Club 9920 Francophone and the Rotary E-Club of Houston D5890, Texas USA, the party was a huge success!  Many e-club Rotarians from around the world networked together, sang together, danced together, and shared Rotary stories together.   A fun evening was had by all!  President Raffaella Vinet and Dr. Jean-Louis Nguyen Qui of Rotary Club of 992- Francophone, and President Dree Miller, Michael Miller, and Marcia Natali de Assis Allgayer all provided the leadership across continents to create the detailed planning for this successful evening.  President Raffaella was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow award which makes her a two sapphire Major Donor of The Rotary Foundation.  Guests from New Zealand and the Francophone club's home district 9920 were present to officially pin Raffaella.  Also, Robin Charlesworth  presented Raffaella with a "Texas" necklace as a gesture of friendship and good will between our twin clubs.  At the end of the evening, all women Rotarians were honored with red roses and a group photo is shown below.  The group sang together, danced together, met new friends from all around the world, enjoyed good German brew and food, and shared about various Rotary projects.  All have a common bond to serve others.