Our e-club member and executive director of the Hashoo Foundation, Cristal Montañez, created a program called 'Bear Hugs for Venezuela'.
The program would provide the children in the Hospital J.M. de los Ríos with acetaminophen and the comfort of a teddy bear in addition of a coloring book, crayons, pencils, sharpeners, tooth brush, tooth paste, pedialyte, probiotics, and nutritious snacks to help lessen some of the psychological trauma caused by the current humanitarian crisis.
We already have purchased most of the items mentioned in the proposal, such as some of the teddy bears, a portion of the snacks, the pedialyte, and probiotics.   If anyone is interested in donating money or specific items, please contact either Cristal Montanez (cristalmontanezvenezuela@gmail.com) or Dr. Isis Mejias (isis.mejias@gmail.com).  Also, donate online:  https://www.razoo.com/story/Bear-Hugs-For-Venezuela.
As an e-club we encourage all of our members to engage in their community, either locally or internationally, to volunteer with "sweat equity" or with donated funds.  Thank you, Cristal Montanez, for your interest and dedication to design a program to assist children in Venezuela!  You are an outstanding example of a Rotarian at Work! 
Another tidbit about Cristal - she was recently seen on stage with PDG Sunny Sharma at the Sister Cities of Houston Fall Concert 2017 along with Houston's Mayor Sylvester Turner.