Our Club Social & Bingo was a great Sunday gathering of friendship and fun!  The fundraiser supports Earn & Learn.  Earn & Learn is an after school program in India that provides kids from the slums with education and better nutrition.   If you were unable to attend the event, but would like to support this international project, please go to our website and make your donation online or send a check to our treasurer, Michael Miller. Here are some of our club members who enjoyed the fun at two fundraisers held at the Miller's and the Charlesworths homes:
Here is the philosophy of the Earn N Learn Program which takes place every day at the Ghandi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India:
Provide a safe environment where children can learn and socialize
Provide children with tutorials
Provide children with English lessons
Provide children with a nutritional meal and a snack
Teach children arts and crafts
Teach children to care and nurture the elderly
Teach children to value their community
Teach children the value of mindfulness
Expose children to volunteers from all over the world who teach them music and dance
Description of the program:
Children range from ages 8-16 (60-80 participants)
Children attend school in the morning
Children attend Earn n Learn in the afternoon for 4 hours
Children work only 2 hours per day on handmade paper products (notecards, journals, calendars, invitations)
Children are paid a fair wage for their work (meticulous records are kept on time spent and difficulty of task)
Children are fed, engage in afternoon prayers, tutorials, fun events and
Once a year they are taken on educational field trips
The Earn ‘n’ Learn family spent one afternoon recnetly serving 60 elderly women, all of whom are widows struggling to support themselves. With kindness and joy, the children distributed 10​​ kilograms of grain to each woman, prepared and served a delicious Gujarati snack, and performed several bhajans, while the women sang and danced. 
Fundraiser results:
$548.11 from bingo at  President Adriane Miller's house
$140 from fundraiser/social at PDG Ed and Robin Charlesworth's house 
Subtotal $ 688.11  PLUS matching grant with Kindness in Action, Inc.
    Total: $1,376.22
Special thanks to the combined efforts of President Dree and Michael Miller; PDG Ed and Robin Charlesworth; Rachael Blair, President of Kindness in Action; and sponsoring Rotarians and guests who made this international project possible!!!