Liz Odfalk -  Classification in Rotary as a Medical Interpreter

This is how I serve in my profession as a Certified Medical Interpreter on VRI.  My day can start at a cancer center, go thru the ER a few times, then back at the Neo-natal ICU, and end interpreting for physical therapy or a psych evaluation.  It is a humbling profession that allows me to be the cultural, linguistic and often institutional bridge between so many Spanish-speaking patients and medical teams across the USA.  Interpreters often face very difficult medical encounters, hence the importance of understanding our role in them...Agree, it leaves an empty space in us.  I''ll always remember that little teenager with aids that died of leukemia for whom I interpreted for weeks and his loving family.   Also, the cancer patient who was told nothing else could be done, and the baby who was born still and who's mom and dad cried with me in the OR as the nurses wrapped him and gave the baby to them to hold.  We are witnesses to life's thresholds often and that makes us unique human beings.  God bless all medical and healthcare interpreters for briing the gap not just in languages. 
My educational background is a BS in hotel administration from the Univ. of Houston, with a minor in business French; Masters eCertificate in hospitality marketing from Cornell University. Worked at Embassy of Mexico in Sweden. Taught hospitality management and multi-cultural marketplaces in Sweden. Joined Rotary in Sweden in 1997, Göteborg-Vinga RK, D2360. Grew up in Mexico City and lived in Spain for 1 ys, in the USA for many years now and in Sweden for 11 yrs. Married to a Swedish Engineer, celebrating 30 yrs. soon. Have two sons, a USA Army Sergeant First Class deployed in Kuwait right now, with a summa cum laude in Accounting and Finance and a son who is a PhD Biotechnology candidate working at Baylor. Have two lovely Korean-Filipinno  grandkids, too. Speak 4 languages. Wish I had thought about interpreting and translation earlier 😎...Certified Medical-Spanish, now working from home on VRI. I wonder what follows. Dream of creating a healing spa.

Nicole Wycislo

I work on the Chief Information Officer’s team for AIG’s Life Insurance and Retirement Services unit. I help run information technology business operations, which is essentially managing processes, technology, and people needed to help run the “business” of providing technology services to the business. Oftentimes, non-tech folks don’t think of IT as a is a huge business. 😊


Belinda Kaylani

I’m an ‘interior space engineer’, a home/space, interiors stylist/designer. My business is RMR, RoomMarkable Redo which is 20 + years old.  I work with client’s existing furniture-art, accessories and refresh, repurpose, renew , the-imagine their space after an in depth interview in what they desire, need and budget.  I’ve created plans for ongoing upgrading and refreshing so the client can tackle projects as their budget allows or gotten ready for parties, guests in a week.  I’ve done spaces for families with severely disabled children, for the out of university, minimal $, young, the middle age whose needs change and older people to refresh, update and declutter. Your home, office is where you create, recharge, relax or unwind, work and can & should be a welcoming, comforting place for you, family and friends if you entertain. “Solving problems & making beautiful spaces one home or space at a time.”