ROSE BAGLIA - Rose resides in Antigua, Guatemala and recently attend our District Conference.  Her classification is "Non-Profit" as she is the Executive Director of a non-profit called SANA Children's Project.  When asked how she would like to serve in Rotary, she replied:
"Our program addresses healthcare (we operate a clinic for 7,000 patients each year), education (operate a preschool for 100 children and provide education to the community).  These programs affect Mayan mothers and their children in a rural, impoverished town of 30,000 in Guatemala.   Becoming a member of Rotary will provide me with additional information and experience so I can improve our programs.  I can also share our experiences with others. "   Rose lives in an area which is so remote that there is no mail service.  There is a branch office in Houston which brings Rose to our area on business, and we hope that she will soon be able to join us in person for a social meeting.  Welcome, Rose!