International Women's Day was March 8th - La Voz de América spoke with relevant women, whose life and work is linked to the causes of their countries and the world. e-Club of Houston Rotarian Cristal Montañéz is one of them! 
CÚCUTA / COLOMBIA - In the already distant year 1977, a young Venezuelan who only aspired to have her own car to go to school and to her tennis classes, rose to local fame by winning the annual Miss Venezuela competition And although a lot has rained since then, Cristal Montañéz maintains the elegance, the verve of women who take on life in a big way and don't rest until they leave their mark. In an interview with the Voice of America, this Venezuelan who emigrated to the United States in the 1980s, told about her life and how she went from being a successful model to a philanthropist and human rights activist, committed to causes ranging from empowerment from Afghan women and men in Pakistan to giving food to compatriots who bear the brunt of the crisis in their own land: Venezuela.

VOA : What was happening in Venezuela in 1977 and how did you get to the Miss Universe competition?

Cristal Montañéz (CM): Venezuela at that time was one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America, considered one of the most stable democracies. A country admired in its model, which was used as an example to be replicated at that time. Our oil industry, PDVSA, was considered the second largest in the world. In a country with the largest reserves in the world, we had an extraordinary oil company. Before the dictator (Hugo) Chávez arrived...  Continue reading full article at this link.