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A charter member is one who elected to join the club prior to formal admission of the club to Rotary International. It is indeed an honor to be a charter member of a new Rotary club.  As the club ages, the charter members will always be recognized as one of the founding members who helped guide and shape the basis of the club's interests in service to others.  A special "Charter Member" pin is adorned by these club members.
Meet the Charter Members of the Rotary e-Club of Houston:
1.  Edward Charlesworth, Ph. D. Psychology - Clinical
2.  Olga Bautista, R.N. Medical - Surgical Nursing
3.  Dr. Sofka Werkmeiseter
Chemical - Automation
4.  Dr. Michael Mebes Chemical - Lead Technology
5.  Suzan Abrams  
6.  Ruby Powers Attorney - Immigration
7.  Michael Olson Rotary Foundation Alumni (GSE Team - Romania)
8.  James Winston Wells Secondary Education - Consulting
9.  Jake H. Stein Industrial Storage - Estimating
10.  Martine C. Stolk Chemical Technology
11.  Jennifer Barker Banking
12.  Nguyen Nguyen Financial Services
13.  Maria Jose Perez Lopez Accounting - Auditing
14.  Brittany Johnson Hospitality - Sales
15.  Dr. Steven Horsch Chemical Engineering
16.  Cezar Guzman Government - Industry & Productivity
17.  Rhonda Vickery Financial Planning
18.  Dr. Barbara Conway Virtual Learning and Training
19.  Mary Bray, M.A. Health - Weight Management
20.  Molly Smart Petroleum Equipment - Communications
21.  Sukru Sen Retail - Mobile Devices
22.  Gemma Veroniek Kerssemakers Community Volunteer
23.  Colleen Gilbert Non-Profit - Enterprise Development
24.  Jim Bratton Audio Communication
25.  Helga Mattei Management Consulting
26.  Adriane "Dree" Miller
Translation Services