I hope you will join us for our December, 2017 trip to Nicaragua. We will be  leaving from Houston on Wednesday, December 13th on United flight # UA1421, at 4:20 p.m. and arriving in Managua at 7:30 p.m.
We will return from Managua on Wednesday December 20th on United flight # UA1423 leaving Managua at 7:50 a.m. and arriving in Houston at 11:10 a.m.
Getting group rates for tickets has gotten increasingly difficult.  People are coming from so many different places and usually you can get much better prices on line than we can get as a group rate.  So we are asking everyone to buy your own tickets directly but, you must coordinate your arrival and departure to match within an hour or so of the United flights shown above.  I know that American and some others have flights through Miami which closely match this schedule.  The ground travel, meals and hotel charges will be $775.00 per person (double occupancy in hotels). Add $210.00 per person if you require a private room. We will co-ordinate all of this as we always have in the past. If you will be on flights other than these United flights Please send me a copy of your tickets so that we will know when to meet you. Payments and sign-up sheets for this should be sent to:
            Hope & Relief International Foundation, Inc.
            10700 Gerke Rd.
            Brenham, Texas 77833
                  Fax  979-836-0614
We will schedule everyone on a first come, first served, basis as of the date we receive your payment.  NO ONE will be scheduled before payment is received.  Attached is a reservation form which should be sent in by EVERYONE, with the information and your payment. Please provide ALL the information. In order to secure all the hotel reservations we need to have your registration by November 3,2017 or we will not be able to be sure that we can have hotel reservations for you. We will be staying at the same hotel in Managua that we have stayed at in the past few trips and our cut-off date for reservations is November3, 2017. This is a new and very nice hotel. AFTER THIS DATE WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO GET ADDITIONAL RESERVATIONS.
Remember this is a tropical climate so dress accordingly. Jeans and shorts are great but you need to not wear sandals or open toe shoes when we visit the dump and the more rural areas. We will be staying part of the time at a beach resort so remember to pack your swimsuit, etc. A copy of our planned itinerary will be sent nearer to our departure date to all those registered for the trip. Remember that you will need a passport that is not within 6 months of expiring and please use the name exactly as it is on the passport for your plane tickets and on the registration form that you send us. We will need a completed registration form with up to date information.
We are planning on a large group and we really hope you can go with us.  Please let me know and call me if you have questions.
Jim Kite
home ph. 979-251-8225, cell ph. 979-251-0840
e-mail jimkite@sbcglobal.net