With the cancellation of the Rotary International Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Honolulu Host Operating Committee (HOC) has suffered a huge loss.  With the International Convention coming to Houston in 2022, Past District Governor Rhonda Kennedy and her committee are working very hard to raise money for a variety of expenses we must cover.  Honolulu is the same.  Their HOC has worked hard to advertise and encourage folks to register for the convention.  Now that it is cancelled, they have no way to recoup their losses.  Many small businesses will be hurt.
I’d like to ask for your help.  With our climate Hawaiian shirts are always appropriate.  Rotary shirts are a great way to tell the world you are a Rotarian.  How about a Hawaiian Rotary shirt? 2020AlohaShirts.com is one of those vendors we can help.  PLEASE order a Rotary Hawaiian shirt or a Bobble Head of President Mark wearing his Rotary Hawaiian shirt.  Their products are marked down dramatically because there won’t be 40,000 Rotarians there to buy them. 
Everything is on sale now! Please go to 2020AlohaShirts.com and order one today.  You will be helping fellow Rotarians who have worked hard, invested their money but cannot have the convention they planned.  It’s a great price and it's helping fellow Rotarians so I’ve ordered 4. Please join me!  We’ll wear them at District Conference.   Gary Gillen