Recently, the south of Brazil has experienced five times more than the usual monthly rainfall, leaving rivers to surge to historical levels and resulting in hundreds of deaths and missing people. The recent events have brought unprecedented challenges to our community as we grapple with the aftermath, such as flooding, landslides, or storms. The impact has been extensive, affecting not only our infrastructure but also the lives of residents profoundly, leaving countless individuals displaced, forced to evacuate their homes for safety reasons, and in dire need of assistance.

In response, Rotary Clubs from Districts 4660, 4670, 4680, 4780 and 4700 have been working together, coordinating their resources and efforts to address the specific needs of each affected community.

Considering the overwhelming devastation experienced by these communities, Rotarians in Brazil humbly appeal to the global community for assistance aiding those affected by this catastrophe. Your support, whether through donations, volunteer efforts, or spreading awareness, will enable Rotary Clubs from our Districts to extend a more substantial and impactful helping hand to those in need.

At this critical juncture, our community needs various essential items to alleviate the burdens those affected face, including clothes, shoes, and vital cleaning materials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo. Additionally, diapers in both kid’s and adult sizes are urgently required. Your compassionate contributions to these items will undoubtedly significantly impact the lives of those enduring hardships in our region.

At the monthly Board of Directors meeting held on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, we approved a donation of $300 toward remediation of damages due to the flooding and the humanitarian effort.  If you desire, you may contribute more to this effort by sending a check to Edward Charlesworth, Treasurer.   Or on our website - Click on "Giving Back" and drop down to Donations.  Click on Other Payments/Donations...then use your phone to hover over the QR code and click the PayPal yellow bar below the image.   Mark your donation as Donation to Brazil.