Mrs. Maura Coutinho, a 75 years old person living in Brazil had to undergo several surgeries and amputate a foot. In her residence all the entrances have stairs. The Allgayer family in Houston donated an electric wheelchair and the material for the access ramps, and Rotarian from E-Club of Houston Marcio Natali de Assis volunteered to build the ramps and make some other improvements in Maura’s house.  It took 5 weeks to complete the work. Congratulations to Rotarian Marcio for the work he has done in helping Maura have more dignity and comfort.
We would also like to thank Jorge Amorim de Assis and the transporting companies in Brazil, Rocha (Porto Alegre - RS), Pioneiro (SP) and Transcapixaba (Viana-ES) for moving the electric wheelchair for free to Mrs. Coutinho’s house over 1300 miles away.
Vitoria Marchiolli is a little girl who has a rare health condition called Treacher Collins syndrome, has had several surgeries and needs constant special care, including having to wear diapers at age 9. Her family is underprivileged and they live in Brazil. Some of our members and other Rotarians joined hands to make sure these types of diapers, which are very costly in Brazil were brought to little Vitoria. E-Club member Ludmila Claro delivered a big suitcase full of diapers to Adriane and Mike Miller’s house so they could transport it with them to Atlanta during the RICON 2017. Then from Atlanta, Rotarians Helvio and his spouse Christiane from the Rotary Club of Vitoria - Praia do Canto - ES, district 4410, flew the suitcase to Brazil with them to be handed over to Vitoria Marchiolli. We thank everyone for their efforts so that this little girl can have a better quality of life. It is a great example of small actions making a difference for someone in need.
Remember, the Rotary motto is "Service Above Self" and our active members who live all around the world are encouraged to identify a need and develop a plan to serve others in their community.  It may be a project just around the corner from where you live, or it may reach across continents with special connections bringing you together.  Also, you may join a project conducted by another Rotary club in your area.  Please do share your community service involvement as it does count as a commitment of time to Rotary for attendance purposes.