Disaster Aid USA and our partner local Rotary Clubs and local VOAD partners have Mucked and Gutted over 100 homes. Starting with Coles Crossing on the west side to helping the Rotary Club of Katy,  From Bellaire to Wharton we have been on the run and having fun. Whats a little dust and dirt as we help both Rotarians and non Rotarians clean out their homes.  We mostly look for the uninsured and the underserved. We focused on the elderly and those unable to handle the stress and work load of mucking and gutting and in some cases ripping all items out of their homes .
Rotarian Mark Mathews from La Mesa Calf   and his wife Nancy have helped lead the charge by going out everyday.  They have been in Houston for over a month. Mark and Nancy have trained the local Rotarians on proper Muck and Gut to the higher level of home remediation techniques.
Leaving the home clean and contractor ready for repair.  Mark and Nancy have donated the drying trailer to DAUSA and it will be available for all water remediation tasks.  

We have dried out over 20 homes to date. A professional service charges on the average $15,000 for this service. All done for free by your local Rotarians and Disater Aid USA.
FedEx planned a worked day with over 60 FedEx employees.. Disaster Aid USA and our Communication Chair Patrick Lesley liaison the two groups proving homes for Fed Ex to help clean out. Mark and DAUSA were featured on Fed Ex TV for providing our knowledge of the effective area and home repair and clean up techniques.
Want your club to be a trained Strike Team, trained on Muck and Gut, simple home repairs and remediation teachings?  Schedule DAUSA to come and speak at your club.
A special thanks to the following Rotarians for stepping up and putting up with the madness. Rebecca Maddox, Irene Hickey, Ed Charlesworth, Greg Faldyn, Kent Hutchison, Angela Small, Charles Touchton, Graham Sharp. There were scores of Rotarians who came out daily and the names would be to long to list. The names above took a Chair role in this deployment and my simple thanks is not enough.

A public "Thank You"  is much over due as we came together as a Disaster Committee to do "Service Above Self".  A special thanks to the Katy Club and President Jeff Thompson who lead by example and formed their own Strike Team that kept us busy working on homes in their area.
Second phase is now Recovery and DAUSA has Donor money to partner with fellow Clubs as we will interview worthy candidates that fall through the cracks of FEMA and the SBA loan process . DAUSA will repair or replace Air Condition Units. Replace essential appliances and even help rewire and up grade the plumbing in homes if needed. Roof repair is also an option on the table.
PDG Ed Charlesworth home hosted Rotarian Ashley Checa from Indiana who assisted with clean up from September 19th until September 22nd.  On Friday, September 22, Ed provided dinner for the work crew members who had worked hard all week. 
Rotary e-club of Houston is proud to recognize the dedicated volunteers who have given of their time to assist with this major clean-up project following the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.