On Saturday,  March 24, 2023, DG Mindi Snyder invited Rotarians and Interactors to join her at Harvest for the Hungry to dig, plant, and learn.  Our e-club was represented by four members:  Harish Krishnarao, Wind Nguyen, PDG Ed Charlesworth and Robin Charlesworth.  Harvest for the Hungry depends on volunteers’ time, talent, and treasure to create a community free of hunger.  Harvest for the Hungry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization fighting for those who struggle with food insecurity. Located in Oyster Creek, Texas, they are located on 61 acres, where they grow farm to table fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs, fish and other healthy foods to provide them to those in need.  We saw their new 4,000 square foot state-of-the-art education center which is an important part of their mission: “to help those in need help themselves with fresh and healthy farm-to-table food.” "We provide clients and the public with educational opportunities to learn about the various vegetable plants and fruit trees that grow in this area, how they are grown, their nutritional value, the benefits of healthy eating and how to prepare the harvested farm foods into a healthy and tasty meal."  Risha Broom has moved from the classroom to working full-time at Harvest for the Hungry, and she is quite at home  with demonstrating how to prepare fresh from the garden. meals and snacks to an audience.  We enjoyed fresh sweet peppers cooked with onions and herbs with some olive oil on toast points with goat cheese topping.  

Photos from Gardening with the Governor