Our general meeting this month will include improv comedy with our special guest speaker, Todd Boring. Todd teaches, coaches and produces Improv, and he was the Executive Producer of the Houston Improv Festival from 2012-2016. Come to the meeting ready to laugh and participate in improv, as Todd will show you how to bring out the talent already in you to you gain more confidence in different aspects of life and work using improv.

“I took Todd’s improv classes and had a delightful time learning to let creativity take over. Life is spontaneous and we don’t always have a script. There are social settings where we would love to know the right line. Improv techniques can help gain more confidence and insight to deal with big things as public speaking, and with those small-talks-in-elevator situations many of us try to avoid. Practicing improv is also a fantastic team building exercise and an imaginative problem solving practice where we work together to develop a story that brings the most hilarious or dramatic results.” - Adriane Miller, Past President of Rotary E-Club of Houston 

Everyone is welcome! Bring family and friends to this fun meeting! 
Rotary E-Club of Houston