We raised $2,400 to send medical supplies to Ukraine. These supplies primarily went to Kharkiv.  They were purchased in Poland by an employee of our club member Valeriy Iakovenko who remains in Ukraine.  He has some employees operating in Poland who made the purchases and arranged for the delivery of medical supplies.  
These supplies were for hospitals needing supplies and a new list of needs was shared as the need is ongoing.  We will soon be applying for a Disaster Relief Grant from Rotary International in the amount of $25,000.  Special thanks to member Salvador Gonzales in El Paso for working on the grant to be submitted on behalf of our district.  Robin Charlesworth has inquired to needs in Kharkiv and Mykolayv hospitals.  They do need patient monitors if they are used (probably being conservative as the risk remains high of getting bombed).  Priority needs remain tactical medicine for emergency support to treat burns and bleeding - more bandages, hemostatic powder to stop bleeding.  
Last week a new partnership with Project Cure was explored for purchase of supplies in the USA which will include shipping to either Germany or Poland.  While touring their warehouse, I observed many boxes already wrapped up on pallets to be shipped to Ukraine.  Robin has also been in communication with President James Joeriman of the Rotary Club of Lviv International who can arrange for delivery from the Poland/Ukraine border into Ukraine.  They are a club of about 60 members who are actively engaged in delivering supplies within Ukraine.  President James Joeriman shared, "As far as first aid kits, we strongly advise picking kits that contain tourniquets, 6" emergency/Israeli bandage, a hemostatic agent (chito gauze, Cellox, Quick klot, etc.), and shears at a minimum. Eye shields and decompression needles are a nice bonus, but the kits can lack these items and still be useful for field medics who have largely replaced ER doctors with the destruction of many hospitals in the east." He continued, "
As a quick overview of our efforts, with our members in Poland and Germany, we have fundraised just around 3.5 million EUR, sent nearly 70 trucks (most of them from Germany) of aid. Just last week while I was in Lviv we had 4 deliveries with things ranging from mattresses to first aid kits, and two trucks which brought in generators! https://www.facebook.com/LvivInternationalRC."
Within our district I know we have delivered more than $30,000 in aide for Ukraine.  Some support has gone directly to the $10 million received in Rotary International for the Disaster Relief Grants.  Others have partnered with physicians from Ukraine who were here a few years ago with Open World, and some partnered with Medical Bridges.