Thank you e-Club Rotarian, Cristal Montañez, for your ongoing support to the refugee project! These refugees are returning to Venezuela from Colombia despite the quarantine imposed by COVID-19. One of the men rides a bike carrying his baby boy in a basket attached to the steering wheel while hauling all their belonging in a tow-car hooked to the back of the bike. Other family members walk behind him, pushing a stroller. 
Their destination is the border city of Cúcuta, where they will join hundreds of Venezuelans in an overcrowded uncovered area with no food or water. People wait for days in these unsafe conditions since, according to Colombia's migration agency Venezuela limits entrances to 300 people per day. No social distance and protocols to prevent the propagation of coronavirus are followed at the migration retention area.
The Hope For Venezuelan Refugees team continues supporting our partners and volunteers on their effort to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing refugee crisis. Reina Carmona cooks a meal over an open-fire at the Punto de Hidratación Hermanos Caminantes Venezolanos y Colombianos for Venezuelan refugee families returning to Venezuela. Together, we are helping to alleviate hunger and build peace.
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