Our Hope for Venezuelan Refugees team was delighted to meet and host Rotarian Lorena Gloden from the Perrysburg Rotary Club and her family, during their recent visit to Cúcuta.  Lorena had the opportunity to attend the weekly meeting of our partners the Rotary Club Cúcuta 1, and reunite with old family friends☺
For the next two days, Lorena, her husband Daniel and son Sebastian, in conjunction with our Hope For Venezuelan Refugees team,  Nury Contreras, Local Project Coordinator, and Cindy Catoni, Project Photo-Journalist, met with representatives of the Banco Diocesano de Alimentos en Cúcuta, our logistic partner in Cúcuta and learn how the Rise Against Hunger fortified meals inventory is stored and managed.
They also visited the following food distribution centers supported by the Hope For Venezuelan Refugees Project:
- Comedor Santo Domingo Savio – Approximately, 780 daily beneficiaries.
- Servidoras Madres para los Abandonados de la Calle – Approximately, 400 daily beneficiaries.
- Fundación Colombo-Venezolana Nueva Ilusión - Approximately, 500 daily beneficiaries.
- Yukpa Indigenous Community in Cucúta - Approximately, between 264 – 400 daily beneficiaries.  This album captures Lorena’s visit to the centers mentioned above  
Together we are alleviating hunger and building peace!
Visita de Lorena Gloden del Perrysburg Rotary Club al Comedor Santo Domingo Savio en Cucúta