Posted on Jul 31, 2017
"WhatsApp is a free to download messenger app for smartphones. WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, images, audio or video. The service is very similar to text messaging services however, because WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, the cost of using WhatsApp is significantly less than texting."
I don't know about you but most people have been using What's App, for quite a few years. Our eClub of Houston offers a What's App group to communicate with those members on it. It is great! Many of us who travel use it as an alternative to call dear ones and share pictures, movies and files. So by request, I am sharing a little more on the topic. Enjoy.

Growth of WhatsApp

With 700 Million users, as of January 2015, WhatsApp is currently the biggest online messenger app on the market. Founded in 2009 by ex-Yahoo employees it started as a small startup and swelled to 250,000 users in just a few months, growing so fast that they had to add a charge for using the service per year to slow the subscription rate down. In 2014 WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook.

It is popular with teenagers because of features like group chatting, voice messages and location sharing.

Using WhatsApp

To use WhatsApp you need: a compatible smartphone or tablet with a simcard, an internet connection and a phone number. The app uses your phone number as its username, and your account is locked to the phone, although you can transfer your contacts over to new devices. To use the app it costs €0.99 per year, with the first year being free. This cost is used as an InApp purchase. In January 2015 WhatsApp introduced a Google Chrome plugin to allow users to access their WhatsApp chats on their desktops.

Features of WhatsApp

Users of WhatsApp can share their location in real time over messages. They can also organise lists of contacts so that they can quickly send messages to lots of people in group chats through WhatsApp. Probably the best feature of WhatsApp is that it allows users to keep in touch with people living abroad, without incurring the international charges associated with text messages.

Terms and conditions and privacy on WhatsApp

WhatsApp terms and conditions specify that users should be at least 16 years of age to use the service. By default, WhatsApp will automatically set your Privacy Settings to allow any WhatsApp user to view your last seen, profile photo and status. Consider, switching this setting to limit who can see your profile. To switch your profile setting, simply go to: Menu Button > Settings > Account >Privacy. You can set the following options for your account privacy from Everyone (Public) to My Contacts or Nobody (Private).

"WhatsApp is a texting service between mobile phones as a replacement for the regular SMS text messages. Over 900 million users are active worldwide using the Whatsapp service. Whatsapp uses an internet connection between phones. The service is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia Symbian60-phones.

The major difference between regular SMS text messages and Whatsapp text messages is that Whatsapp is free: You use the internet connection on your phone (wifi or part of you mobile data package depending on subscription or pre paid type).

On this website you will find a lot of information on Whatsapp. If you browse to “What is Whatsapp?” you will find information on what kind of program Whatsapp is. If you choose “How does it work” you will find information on all kinds of options and how Whatsapp works on your phone. If you want to know for sure Whatsapp works on your phone please visit “Does it work on my phone?

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"There are over a billion WhatsApp users worldwide right now. The bad news? Your mum has already found her new favourite way to spam you. The good news? You can easily avoid her on the down-low, and that’s just one of the messaging service’s many secret tips you probably don’t know about.

From disabling its ‘last seen’ feature to bookmarking messages you don’t want to forget about, there are loads of tricks to make your favourite IM app more useful than ever. You just have to be in the know."

"How many group chats are you in right now? Plenty, we bet. Given that you can have up to 256 participants in one group chat, there must be a bit of overlap with your existing individual chats.

And sometimes there are things you want to say to someone that should never be mentioned in a group setting, but it’s also a pain to go locate that individual chat. There’s a simple way to start an individual chat quickly from a group one."


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