New Clothes for Children in Africa

Past President Dree Miller has been busy sewing again for the children in Africa.  This is a great example of how any Rotarian in our club may select a specific focus and take action.  If you do, we would like to know about it, too.  Here is what Dree has to say:
"This is my carnival of colors. Today I finalized sewing the last of about 150 pieces of clothing to send to underprivileged children in Africa. Thanks to the blessed help of my friends Monica, Rosangela, Marcia, Damicela, Christiane, Janina, Maria Elisa and others, we will be sending close to 200 pieces! Now we need help paying for shipping to a distribution center in the US, or Is there anyone going to Africa soon that could take these? Please PM me if interested in helping. Last year Isis Mejias from our Rotary E-club took the clothes we made to Uganda, and the children were so happy!"