You will notice that membership dues have increased by $20.00 this upcoming Rotary FY 2018-2019. The rationale for this minor increase is multi-fold. Our club has operated within a very tight budget since club inception and at times this has constrained our ability to make an impact when we wanted to. In addition, this increase in dues may provide us with alternative new membership programs/options that could improve our club's total membership. Despite this increase, we still maintain extremely low dues in comparison to other Rotary Clubs as our goal is to improve accessibility to any potential Rotarians.
Please do not hesitate to call/text or email me with questions. and my cell: 979.248.5612
Pay by either check or debit/credit card.
Check made payable to:
Rotary e-Club of Houston 
c/o Club Treasurer, Alexis Campestre
Electronically with credit/debit card: 
Go to: and look for "pay your membership dues" on the left side of screen.
Thank you for being a Rotarian!