Please - Everyone - pay your annual dues of $200 using your own credit card or PayPal.  We are obligated to pay Rotary International dues and our district dues in July and these bills are covered by dues paid on time.  Donations to the Rotary Foundation are encouraged, although may be paid at any time during the Rotary year with begins on July 1.  We also ask members to donate to Polio Plus until this disease is successfully eradicated from our planet.  The recommended amounts are $100 to Rotary Foundation and $25 to Polio Plus.  Members may pay less or more, yet the club benefits by each and every member making at least a small donation of $25 to the Rotary Foundation.  Some members use Rotary Direct which is a scheduled withdrawal of a designated amount chosen by you.  It may be monthly, quarterly, or annually.
If you choose to withdraw your membership, notify the Board of Directors in writing.  Know, however, that it must be done prior to billings by Rotary International or the district dues which is based on membership numbers each July 1 and December 31.  Otherwise the club is liable for dues to be paid.  Help us keep the books straight and in the "black" by paying on time.