Hello everyone in District 5890,
I’m Evelyn Traylor, your chair for Mental Health.
You all may already know that our International Rotary President, Gordon McInally, has asked all of us to “become champions in our effort to illuminate mental health needs near and far”.
In this initiative he also says “we need to advocate for removal of the stigma talking about mental health, help people find better quality care, and support them through their journey to recovery”.
How can we all do this ?  Education on this topic is very important, and letting those ( of all ages)
know it’s ok to talk about mental health and to let them know what resources are available to them!
Myself and my mental health committee are planning an all day Mental Health Summit in March of 2024. Your help is needed. We hope to have a member of each club participate and I’m presently talking to the chairs of our Interact clubs and the Interact students themselves on September 30th at Round Up.
The Summit will consist of break out sessions with professional speakers in their areas of expertise in the mental field in the Houston area.
There will also be panel discussions with adults and with students. 
We would greatly appreciate your help! Please call me or email me if you are interested in helping:)
Evelyn Traylor 
Rotary 5890 Mental Health Chair 
My cell:  281-794-0687