The mural at Margaret Long Wisdom High School in Houston is complete!! Thank you everyone for volunteering and putting in your sweat and tears, and a HUGE thank you to Nguyen Nguyen for his perseverance and leadership  in action! This will benefit the students for years to come. Ribbon cutting planning next! 
Beautiful job by the artists, Viktor Kopic and Betirri Bengtson! Vox Culture is part of the Stage 1 completion of the 'Martin Bailey Memorial Garden Project' at Margaret Long Wisdom High School. This long term urban garden project, in partnership with the Rotary E-Club of Houston, aims to build a model tackling several social issues, while providing students access to live education via innovation, green technology + environmentally conscious solutions, the arts, and more. In addition, the garden provides an affordable/self produced, organic, food resource for the students, the school, and in the long term, the surrounding community at large.