About a year ago we met Rotarian Damir Karin for lunch when he brought a visiting youth baseball team to Houston. We have heard recently that their club has met misfortune related to Coronavirus. The Rotary Club of  Karlovac-Dubovac in Croatia held a fundraiser on March 9. It was a tennis tournament and dinner afterward to raise funds to help less fortunate attend summer school programs. Two attendees were positive for Covid-19 without symptoms. In a few days there were six Rotarians who became ill. Damir was one who suffered with fever and body aches for several days. Two more remain hospitalized with fever, and two are critical and on respirators. Another Rotarian, Zeljko Belavic, has lost his battle after two weeks of fever and pneumonia. Damir has been re-tested to determine if he is not clear of the virus. Like many of us, he is working from home and his children are completing schoolwork online. Their Rotary club is now meeting online va zoom like our own e-club. Our sympathy is extended to our Rotary family in Croatia. Our world changed suddenly and unexpectedly with the pandemic and it is important to stay connected with others just to let them know they are thought of and missed. Many of our Rotary family will be struggling with losses, losses of business or losses of friends and family members. If you know of someone who is struggling, lets try to be supportive and caring, and encourage them to let us know of their needs. Robin Charlesworth