Dear Members of the Rotary e-Club of Houston,
We are well on our way to earn the Rotary International Presidential Citation Award for 2017.    A Presidential Citation is for achieving goals that strengthen Rotary and your club. Activities include growing your membership, developing sustainable service projects, giving to The Rotary Foundation, and building awareness of Rotary in your community.Yet, we need your help to complete our final task regarding donations to The Rotary Foundation.  We have 40 members who have not yet contributed to the foundation this year; some have never donated.  We need these 40 members to donate at least $27 to the Rotary Foundation, and $500.00 of these contributions need to go to the Polio Fund.
You can look at the goals below and see all that we have done. If we meet those requirements and don't lose more than 3 members by the end of June we will for sure be awarded the presidential citation. I would really love if our club starts to get these awards every year from now on.
Mandatory Activities:  Goals Set in Rotary Club Central    -   YES
                                        Pay July 2016 and January 2017 semiannual dues on time -   YES
Membership Development:  Large club - net 2  (*we have net 5!)  -  YES
  Improve membership retention by 1% (we improved 30%!) -  YES
  Induct new members under age of 40 -  *need one more (need 4 and we now have 3)  -  NO
 *needed two of three in membership development - we did it!
Foundation Giving:(must achieve 3 of the following 6 goals)
   Each member contributes at least $26.50 -  Not met
   Contribute to Polio Plus Fund  minimum of $2,650 (we have donated $2,152.93) -  Not met
   Contribute to Annual Fund a minimum of $100 per capita (we have only $36.41)  - Not met
Humanitarian Service:
   Sponsor a Global Grant or District Grant -  YES
   One or more members attend Grant Management Seminars -  YES
   Implement a project with a Rotary service partner -  NO
   Partner on a project with a corporate or government entity - YES
   Partner with at least 5 clubs in your region on a project -  NO
  (Achieve 3 or more goals -  YES)
Public Image: 
  Host event informing community about TRF centennial - NO
  Project covered in local media - YES
  Local media involved with event, project, or fundraiser - YES
 (Need to achieve 1 or more) - YES
We are having an awesome year, so let's make our donations to the Rotary Foundation (minimum $26.50) and Polio Plus before June 30th.  The funds donated this year are the monies that will support our district grants in three more years, or global grants in the future.  We hope you will participate and support The Rotary Foundation and our imminent success to eradicate polio.
Thank you,
President Dree Miller