It's not often I go back to look at my works, but it's refreshing for me to reflect back to my photograph to realized what I have become. All the people I photograph often help me realized what type of human being I want to be. I've once stood inside a cancer hospital, surrounded by pains and misery, and all I could do is offers them my tears.
We have a tradition started back in our Past-President, Adriane Miller's year called "My Rotary Moment." This was all done in video, but I can only share with you my Rotary Moment in my photograph. This is the moment I truly became a Rotarian when I found out Rotary Clubs around the world are chipping in to help people with cancer in Vietnam through a project called "ICU Unit Project."  
As your club president, I want to ask you to reach inside and find your "Rotary Moment" and share this to your social media, friends, family, and Robin Charlesworth, our incoming president/currently our newsletter editor. Let us know what makes you a Rotarian? What are you commit to do in our club? And find your passion for kindness to make a difference.
I believe leadership is about planning the seeds for the future and growing more leadership, not followers. The seeds are the passion we create to inspire more leadership. If we can reach this stage, imagine the possibility we can create for our club and the impact we can have on the world.      
General Meeting on Saturday, April 21st
Our very own Alexis Campestre will be speaking about Charitable Giving & Estate Planning 101. Alexis is an Economist and a Financial Adviser at Retirement Planning and Wealth Management. Please join us in learning about this important topic, meet our members in the Houston area, and find out more about the Rotary E-Club of Houston. Everyone is welcome! Please invite friends and family.
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
1414 Wirt Rd, Houston, TX 77055
Rotary e-Club of Houston - President
Disaster Aid USA - Ambassador
Cell: (281) 827-5787  | Office: (731) 577-9463