Dear Rotarians and Guests,
We have grown in membership this year by 12 new members and received third place in the Membership Drive in our District 5890, and we are not finished as the Rotary year officially ends at the end of June.  I am celebrating 30 years of Rotary personally and have no regrets for any amount of time dedicated to volunteerism and club management with three different Rotary clubs in all of these years.  In the Rotary world you may hear, I joined Rotary and then later truly became a Rotarian. For many there is a distinction. It is one thing to simply pay dues and tune in to a few meetings, network with new folks you would otherwise probably not have the opportunity to meet, attend a club social, and hang a plaque on your wall with the Four-Way Test.  Yet, there may be a moment when you realize that this opportunity really did enable you to make a difference in someone’s life and it is significant.  I have been inspired by great speakers who have shared stories about humanitarian efforts in foreign countries, and I have traveled to many other countries with Rotary Friendship exchanges (South Africa, Estonia, Germany) as well as having hosted many Rotary Friendship exchanges and exchange students in our home.  How do you find that “sweet spot” like on the tennis racket?  Simply say “yes” when offered a chance to get involved in your club, or better yet, ask “What can I do?”   As an e-club we are comprised of very busy people, many who travel often for business or pleasure, and time management is very important for success in balancing work, family, friends, exercise, AND Rotary.  But busy peoples who are successful are great at time management! I hope you choose to actively engage in Rotary because I know the rewards will be worth every minute. My life has been so much richer for the experiences I’ve gained through Rotary meetings, travel, service, leadership training, and FUN over 30 years.  If you know a friend, business associate, or family member who may become a Rotarian, be sure to ask the question and share how engaging our club is with significant community and international projects.  We are growing because we have something to offer and we get the job done!  Share Rotary and create your own Rotary stories of interest.
This weekend at District Conference I will share our club’s story of hosting Open World with a team from Ukraine. District Conference is a special time for all clubs to gather and spotlight projects. The District Governor recognizes outstanding leaders and her team for their efforts during the year.  It is held in a location of the governor’s choosing and a committee plans for this weekend throughout the Rotary year.  In different districts a district conference may be held at different times of the year, but ours is usually late April or early May. We have members who live in other states and other countries, but we will be represented well for our rollcall at the onset of the conference to “Whoop and Hollar” and let everyone know we are proud to represent our club.  We hope that those who do not get the chance to attend the conference which is usually held in Texas, Corpus Christi this year, that you are always welcome.   
Remember, check the calendar for the month of May and find just one hour to provide service or make a donation during the month to a deserving community program. Hope to see you online with a zoom meeting or see you at the Rotary International Convention in June in Hamburg, Germany.
Yours in Rotary,
Robin Charlesworth