A fascinating tour and presentation by Rotary Club of Houston Rotarian Dr. Peter Hotez Texas Childrens Hospital's Endowed Chair of Tropical Pediatrics and Director for the Center for Vaccine Development, to our District 5890's leaders on a very actual topic, vaccines. Did you know we have a vaccine development center right in the middle of the Texas Medical Center that not inky produces vaccines for the poorest of the poorest like the Chagas disease but also a few others. I learned that Mexico's Carlos Slim foundation has contributed to his research and Japan. It would be great to create a link between the Gates Foundation and TRF as well. We also listened to Dr. Allison Winnike from the Immunization Partnership on Texas policy making and vaccine enforcement situation at state level , there is so much to do, she was very knowledgeable. The center's outreach department has worked with Rotary Australia and our Rotary district in Africa building a center, distributing vaccines, etc. It is a small world. I enjoyed the explanation in the use if fermentation un the production if vaccines and the machinery and research team we got to meet. I hope we can find a way to work together since we are also in the business of helping to make this world a safer place one polio vaccine at a time and we are #thisclose to #Zeropolionow! Thank you Rtn. TRF Zone Dir. Terry Ziegler, DGE Carmen Cuneo and all awesome Rotarians in our group. I got to give an End Polio Now pin to Dr. Hoetz but did not take a picture. ❤😊 #Rotariansinaction You can read about Dr. Hoetz in this Texas Monthly magazine article...https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/scientist-stop-measles-texas/ where he talks about evidence if uncontrolled measles spreading in Texas. Imagine if we loose our battle with polio in a similar way. Thankful to have attended!