Valeriy Iakovenko is a Founder of Drone UA and he works at FarmFleet.  He studied at Bogomolets National Medical University and lives in Ukraine.  He is currently displaced from his home in Kyiv due to the war and resides in a safer area where he continues to conduct business.  With his expertise in drones and robots, he is focused on e3nergy independence for every Ukrainian family.  He is a leader in the implementation of spraying drones and agtech solutions in agriculture.  As Valeriy shares his own story of conducting business during wartimes in Ukraine, he describes Ukrainian business as "before" and "after" the war began.  Valeriy participates actively in international conferences, television and radio interviews.  His wife and child have been safely evacuated and they look forward to the day when they may be reunited as a family once again.  The Ukrainians are devoted to their democratic country and the opportunity to do business and live in a free, progressive  and promising country.
Since this will be a Zoom meeting on Thursday, November 17th  and the program will be real-time in Ukraine.   This meeting will be held at NOON CST which will be evening in Ukraine.  Please adjust your times accordingly so as not to miss this interesting program.  This is a unique program so guests are welcome to attend.  
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