Fundraising for Ukraine to purchase and deliver needed medical supplies and equipment to hospitals has been initiated.  The ICC USA-Ukraine has had an emergency meeting to plan interventions.  Rotary International has set up Disaster Grants for Ukraine and the nearby countries helping refugees who have left Ukraine due to the war.   The Rotary Fellowship of Healthcare Professions, the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians, and the ICC Ukraine-Turkey have stepped up and already provided assistance.  Hong Kong Flying Rotarians have delivered supplies routed through China to Poland.  All Rotary clubs in Ukraine are meeting daily online to discuss immediate needs with the development of a Special Crisis Team,  ICC Ukraine-Turkey has already shipped 100 tons of humanitarian cargoes with another four trucks loading for follow-up deliveries.  Our own Rotary District 5890 has shipped about $12,000 in medical thru Medical Bridges, 1,000 clean water filter thru Disaster USAide, and another $2,000 cash to Medical Unit of Humanitarian Center of Lviv.  We have raised $1,850 to date, and will continue fundraising to send another wave of medical supplies.

In Doc Olha’s hospital, Cherkasy Regional Cancer Center, there are many new patients.  Some have been transferred from Herson and Sumy.  Small children in cancer treatment have been transferred there from Kyiv and Kharkiv.  A list of needs for the cancer treatment will be sent soon.  She has sent spreadsheets detailing needs for medical equipment and supplies including first-aid kits, semi-auto chemistry analyzers, patient monitors ($550 US), infusion pumps ($360 US), emergency ventilators ($3,200 US), Hydrogen Peroxide, Insulin, Nitroglycerin, ethyl alcohol, latex gloves, medical gauze, bandaids, surgical gloves and surgical suture material.  Also, diapers, flashlights, heaters, and warm blankets.  The list is more comprehensive and I am sure that Medical Bridges can supply what is needed from their lists.  

The Disaster Response Fund offered by Rotary International is available through June 30, 2022 in amounts up to $50,000 each to provide relief to refugees, and items such as water, food, shelter, medicine, and clothing.  Doc Olha is concerned about a nearby orphanage.  I am certain that DG Volodymyr Bondarenko is demonstrating strong leadership in his coordination of all Rotary clubs in Ukraine and frequent communication across the country.  The RI Zone Coordinator is Kateryna Kotsali-Papadimitruou.  PDG Mykola Stebljanko and PDG Vira Syryamina are also contact Rotarians for information on aid and international support during this crisis.

These are desperate times for innocent victims of an unexpected war in Ukraine as Russia invaded their land unprovoked.  Some of us have connections to friends in Ukraine from our sponsorship of an Open World team which is sponsored by the U.S. Congress. This was only 3 years ago in Houston and many of our club members had opportunities to break break with them during their 10-day stay, let’s reach out and lend a helping hand to our friends in Ukraine.  The team leader, Sasha, found safe haven in Romania with her small child, mother and mother-in-law.  Her husband, Valerii Iakovenko, must stay to defend his country.  Valerii joined our e-club after we visited their home in Kyiv following the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg.  They participated in the ICC Ukraine-USA zoom meeting from within their bathroom (only room without windows) with flashes of light from explosions visible.  Denys, Sasha and Julia are ok.  Julia posted on Facebook about how to parent during war and uncertain times.   “We will hear scary sounds and have to move to a safer place” is an honest statement yet not making promises of safety which may be impossible to keep.  We do not have news from Max nor Natalie at this time.  Our district also hosted a medical team with Open World.  We pray for the safety of our known friends and all people of Ukraine. 

Our DONATE button leads to a page on our website with two options - Donations to the Rotary Foundation and Donations to Club Projects.  Let’s show them we care and DONATE to offer our emotional and monetary support.