Rotary International President Ian Riseley with our member Dr Isis Mejias at a function in Dallas in support of Water and Sanitation projects. Isis is also speaking at our convention in Toronto.
Mike and Adriane Miller recently came back from a business trip to Brazil where he tested a transmission tower and Adriane did the Portuguese-English interpretation for the clients.
Ruby Powers recently attended a Carolina Law weekend reunion in Chapel Hill, NC. She opened a new law office. 
Marcia Allgayer attended a Visual Arts Conference in Fort Luderdale, FL by the 55Project + Focus Brasil with Vera Shafer, who is the president of the Boca Raton Rotary Club.
The Katy Brew Fest was attended by our members PDG Ed Charlesworth and Jake Stein.
We are all happy that our Rotary Foundation Chair Liz Odfalk is well and recovered quickly from a surgery and is back at work and full of energy.