Marcia Allgayer - Just graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's degree in International and Global Studies! Congratulations, Marcia!
Mike and Dree Miller - World travelers - touring Germany, Denmark and Norway.  Safe travels!
Brittany Johnson - Recently was seen soaking up the sun in Turks and Caicos with the family.  
Ruby Powers - Squeezed in a date night to see the play, "Twelve Angry Jurors".  All actors were judges or lawyers and it emphasized the importance of the jury and actively participating as a juror.
Jake Stein - Planning to scuba dive in Grand Caymans and he and Alli just celebrated their youngest son's first birthday.
Anais Watsky - Celebrated 57 years of wedded bliss with Buddy - congratulations!  She is also helping our exchange student get settled and started in Klein schools.
Isabel Nordin - Volunteered to be the counselor for our club's first exchange student - thanks!
Michael Hasty - Rolling out a new product line - Enviro Thermal Coatings.  This dampens noise and extends the lifespan of sloped or flat roofs.  It also provides thermal insulation resulting in money saved.  
Valeria Iakovenko - Setting trends in agriculture in the use of drones and demonstrating innovation during war times in Ukraine.