Salvador Gonzalez - Recovering from a bad fall at home on  "tax day" (unrelated to taxes) which fractured his pelvis.  Not surgery was required yet he has several months yet to recover with rehabilitation.  We will all be thinking of you as you work towards improved health and mobility!
Ruby Powers - Last month (April 19th), Ruby led a thought-provoking presentation on the intricate connections between immigration, education, and mental health in the Woodlands north of Houston.  They explored the challenges, opportunities, and legal considerations with a rousing exchange of ideas.  
Adrienne Miller - Congratulations to our own professional actress who has been cast as a character, "Ana", in Black Clown 3 - Rio Grand Valley, a horror/thriller series produced by Ryan Taylor.  Black Clown 1 and 2 are available on Amazon Prime Video, Tubings, and Plex.  She will begin shooting scenes soon - we are proud of you, Dree!
Brittany Johnson - Led a group of parent volunteers to a successful fundraiser for her sons' school with a "Derby" theme.  The Walsh Parent Foundation  held their first Gala complete with delectable food and drink, a chain stitching station, game stations to place bets and win prizes, a women's VIP hat lounge and a men's VIP lounge with cigar rolling.  There was a live auction and raffle with a total raised of about $60,000!
Valerii Iakovenko - Happy Vyshyvanki Day on May 16!  This is an international holiday celebrated on the third Thursday every year.  This holiday aims to preserve the Ukrainian folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered clothes called vvyshyvankas. Valerii shares, "Let each pattern on our clothes remind you of the love for the motherland and the pursuit of a peaceful sky."