Posted by Robin Charlesworth
Our club is exploring how to impact our community with gardening projects schools in the Houston area.  A committee has proposed a budget for a project to be discussed in our next Board of Directors meeting.  Fundraising will be necessary to support this project, too.  We have active members who already are passionate about gardening and providing healthy eating options for families.  Alexis Campestre, our club Treasurer, comments, "the direction I would ultimately envision this project would be one in which these students go home and actually setup micro-gardens or urban/indoor gardens that can provide their families with low-cost, replenishing, real food alternatives as well as a greater sense of connection to our Mother Earth and the human role in the maintenance of Her health."  President Wind Nguyen and Jimmy Trinh will take the lead on this with assistance on budget proposals by Nicole Wycislo, Secretary.  We have submitted a grant proposal for the new Rotary year to receive District Designated Funds to assist with this project.
We would like to provide health/nutrition information along with the hand-on gardening activity for students, mentor the students in gardening, share recipes for the bounty produced, and more. If you would be interested in helping with the project please contact Wind or Jimmy receive more information as the work days are planned.