A special two-day event in honor of Ukraine's Independence Day was held on August 23 & August 24th.  RI President Jennifer Jones welcomed more than 235 Rotarians and guests to the program from more than 53 countries.  Robin Charlesworth attended both days and also saw online Rotarian Stan Galanski, Rotary Club of Space Center. Some segments of the program shared Ukrainian culture including talented musicians, dancers, and chefs preparing Borscht.  There was also a project fair to review global grants, GoFundMe, and club projects needing support for medical needs, removal of mines in the fields, water, sanitation, and hygiene, energy, electricity and heating, special vehicles and equipment, and laptops for IDP (internally displaced people/children needing equipment for remote learning), and mobile housing.
Gordon McInally who is RI President-Elect 23-24 from Scotland inspired the opening plenary session on the second day.  RI General Secretary John Hewko shared his personal story of being in the parliament in Kiev on August 24, 1991.  Also amongst the contributing speakers were Daniel Tanase, Rotary Region 24 Coordinator; Merideth Burlew, Director of Grants for TRF (The Rotary Foundation); PDG Allan Smith, Task Force Lead in Rotary GB & Ireland; Mark Gitelman, Head of WASH
Air raids were overheard in the background from those participating in Ukraine.
Support and encouragement is felt from Rotarians worldwide as we recognize long-term needs in Ukraine due to war.  Our Rotary District 5890 participates in ICC (Rotary Inter-Country Committee) USA-Ukraine.  Robin Charlesworth is serving as our D5890 Representative.  PDG Vira Syriamina is serving as the ICC National Coordinator.   She highlighted projects of ICC's partnering with several countries.  ICC-Bulgaria's first project was to deliver wheelchairs; Israel delivered t-shirts, sweatpants, underwear and more; firetrucks, ambulances, food, clean water, and temporary housing for internally displaced citizens; and USA is one of the strongest relationships offering support. 
Slava Ukraini!  We hope that the next Independence Day will be celebrated with peace!