To celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd 2018, WaSRAG will be hosting a competition
between Rotary clubs for a chance to win $500. Two prizes will be awarded: $500 US for the
best project (i.e. the one with the most impact), $500 US for the most innovative project.
Our Rotary e-club wants to participate! But would like to hear your ideas about a project to
celebrate World Water Day and a chance to win! We can promote it at your regular club
meeting closest to March 22nd, 2018. WASRAG will share some of them in its monthly
newsletter. And - why not tell our story to the Rotary world ourselves?
What could we do? We want to hear your ideas!
The idea is to create awareness about WASH issues around the world. And it does not have to
be about communities far away. It could involve, for example, calculating our water footprint and
encouraging other Rotary clubs to do so:
“Think you only consume a few glasses of water a day? Think again. The ‘water footprint’ of the
average American is 32,911 glasses per day, according to an infographic by the Nature
Conservancy and the Water Footprint Network. Where is all this water? It’s ‘hidden’ inside the
food we eat, clothes we wear and more. And where does it come from? Nature.”
Another example is to create awareness about protecting our water resources in Houston in the
aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
Who will judge the entries?
The members of WASRAG's Membership Satisfaction Team, including Chris Etienne - USA
(Chair) and Tom Bos - USA, Ada Cheng - Hong Kong, Rich Churchman - USA, Toro de Silva -
Brazil, V.N. Singh - India, Ndukwe Chukwu - Nigeria and Rob Crabtree - New Zealand will
review all applications and submit a short-list of finalists to WASRAG's Operations Team.
How do we enter the competition? 
We need to submit a brief description of a project, including what we have done (or plan to do),
the target audience and the expected impact of the project. Some projects will be showcased on
the WASRAG website.
DEADLINE: Please submit all entries by May 1st, 2018. 
AWARDS: Winners will be notified by May 31st, 2018. The awards will be presented at WASRAG'S ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
Saturday June 23rd, 2018.
For more info please go into the website or Isis Mejias (