Welcome to the Rotary e-Club of Houston, TX, USA!  Our club chartered on February 20, 2014.  The club chartered with 27 active members and currently have 60 active members.  Our club is international with members currently located in USA, India, and The Netherlands. The club provides a great network for our members to share knowledge and resources to assist in humanitarian projects around the world.   This format is ideal for Active members in Rotary who travel often, struggle to leave work for a traditional weekly meeting, home-bound individuals or those with limited mobility, or simply those unavailable for traditional meetings due to business or family commitments. Service projects are performed on an individual basis and through member collaboration all over the world.  Rotarians can attend a meeting online by viewing any content on our website for 30 + minutes, or reading our weekly newsletter which is identical to the website.  This allows for flexibility so that attendance is accessible 24/7.  
For more information email us: eclubofhouston@yahoo.com