Aug 22, 2023
Chase Nielsen
Rehabilitation for Sex-Trafficked Teenage Girls - Tharseo Place

A facility in East Texas now provides services as a rsidential treaqtment center for teenage girls who have experienced sex-trafficking.  They attend school while receiving psychological services, vocational skills, and  build healthy relationships.  Our residents have the opportunity to plant/harvest a garden, enjoy the wildlife of east Texas and breathe fresh air thanks to the abundant pine trees of east Texas. Many have commented just how peaceful it is to be in the backyard. From recreation time to enrichment on and off campus, we strive to keep the schedule full and engaging.   From music to reading, gardening and beyond, Tharseo Place is here to give residents every opportunity to find and pursue what they love.


Tharseo Place, Inc brings a dual approach to serve survivors of human trafficking. By focusing inward, Tharseo Place  strives for wholistic healing for residents by investing in education, therapy, recreation and opportunities for spiritual growth. By focusing outward, Tharseo Place engages in community awareness activities, trains public servants and others to recognize signs of trafficking and speaks boldly and loudly for the silent. 



Tharseo Place exists to create generational healing where today's survivors become tomorrow's providers.