Rotarians who are active members of the Rotary e-Club of Houston, Visiting Rotarians, and Guests will find a bar which states "Attendance" directly beneath the banner of the WEBSITE which is:  Please complete this form which is appropriate and it will be merged into an excel spreadsheet for the club secretary to review weekly.  Visiting Rotarians may add their own email address or their club secretary's email address to capture attendance, OR simply print the Visiting Rotarian form and give to your club secretary.
Also our "Service" report for active members to complete is available on the website below the banner so we may track the total number of hours contributed to our communities by our club members.  This form is also located just beneath the banner on our website.
ALL MEMBERS NEED TO REPORT THEIR ATTENDANCE TO BE CREDITED AND ALSO REPORT ANY OTHER ROTARY FUNCTIONS ATTENDED ALONG WITH THE DATES OF ATTENDANCE.  50% ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED BY ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.  The window for make-up meetings is two weeks prior to the missed meeting and two weeks following the meeting.  On-line meetings are simply reviewing the weekly bulletin and watching the videos with a minimum of 30 minutes.  Most members enjoy spending more time as reported.