October 24, 2020, marked World Polio Day, and annual reminder of the continued presence of this virus and how close we are to eradicating it. Earlier this year, the continent of Africa was certified as Polio Free by the World Health Organization with no new cases in the past 3 years. This terrible disease now remains endemic in only two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, with slightly over 120 cases so far this year. If we can eradicate it there, then Polio will be only the second disease in human history to which we have developed a planet wide immunity. Awareness of diseases like polio and the vaccines that can prevent them are more important than ever in the time of COVID, and over the next year, Rotary International, in partnership with the World Health Organization, the CDC, Gavi, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is making a huge push to raise awareness of polio and complete the task of vanquishing this disease from the planet. We truly are “this close.” Please visit rotary.org/en/history-rotary-polio-eradication-efforts, endpolio.org, and rotary6200.org to learn more and to see how you can help!