In partnership with the Dallas Food Bank and Storehouse Church of Dallas, e-Club Rotarians deliver needed food to families in need with the help of local Grand Prairie realtors. Thanks to Buddy White Realtors for your help!
Rotary e-Club of Houston member, Michael Hasty, discusses his recent on-the-spot food delivery to his local area. Thank you, Michael, for showing how much impact one person can make on the lives of many.  

"I had an appointment on a job site Saturday morning for a quick roof repair on a retail strip center. As I was driving up to the building, I noticed a couple of ladies standing on the corner with signs advertising free food from their local church. 
Their church is located in one of the areas office/warehouse buildings which is located in a multi-square mile industrial type area. No homes around for 4-5 miles. From my roof top, I noticed they did not have much traffic going through their drive through to pick up food. So after about 4 hours, I wrapped up the job and decided to get in a very short line to see if they were getting enough food delivered to the folks. Apparently, not.
When I pulled up, they asked if I would like some free food. I said, not for myself, but I did know of some folks where I lived that could probably use some help. She asked, how many in the family, I guessed 5. It was nice big number. She asked me to fill out a short form for identification and the next thing I noticed, the rest of the church filled the back of my truck with boxes of food and my cab with gallons of milk. And as they were loading up my truck, the young lady asked me what I did, why I stopped, and if she could pray for me. Now, it was my turn to witness. 😎
I smiled and said, 'Yes. You may pray for my Success, for I do many things. My vocation is construction, my avocation is service, but my passion is health and wellness. And I am here because if you had extra food, I know I can find some folks in my town that could use it and it's too far for them to drive to you. You see, for my service I am a Rotarian and I am going to find some folks that need this food. Pray for that success.'
She asked, 'What's a Rotarian?'
What I shared, made her smile and I received the most amazing, awesome prayer for Success! So on my way back to my town and thinking what am I going to do with this food, I thought about my friend Buddy, a realtor who manages many residential rental properties. By the time I pulled up at Buddy's house, there were families waiting for me. Families between jobs and having trouble. But yesterday, they got a little help, I received a huge blessing, and Rotary received Success!!" Michael Hasty