Cristal Montanez gives the following update on Phase 3 of Hope For Venezuelan Refugees. Thank you, Cristal, for being an amazing Rotarian for our e-Club! Please also see our e-Club Facebook page for many more photos, videos and information about this crisis. 
As part of our efforts to prevent the propagation of COVID-19, we are distributing 9 Infrared Thermometers TG88 to the shelters and food distribution centers we are supporting. This is possible thanks to our e-Club and contributing Rotary Clubs!!
New face masks to be given to refugees and migrants in Colombia, provided by Rotary, Red Humanitaria and Hope for Venezuelan Refugees. We also shipped to Colombia 2,000 disposable face-masks and 2,000 pairs of gloves donated by Houston-Karachi Sister City Association and Alliance for Disaster Relief!
The shelters in Pamplona are closed due to the pandemic. Refugees and migrants are forced to sleep on the streets on pieces of cardboard. They use plastic bags to protect themselves from the low night temperature in Pamplona.
In this picture at one of the points we are supporting with food and cleaning supplies, Reina Carmona is complying with the bio-security protocols imposed during COVID-19 as she takes the refugees' temperature with the new Infrared TG88 thermometer donated by our Club. She is also encouraging the migrants to maintain social distancing.
Refugees are washing their hands with the hand disinfectant/soap donated by our Club thus following COVID-19 protocols to prevent the propagation of  coronavirus.
We are distributing these books to all of the shelters and food distribution points with our new Beneficiary Registration List Format. Our objective is to help standardized and facilitate the collection of the needed data. These books are a gift from Yaneth Rinc√≥n from the Rotary Club Los Patios in Colombia.