Eunice Mbarika - Holiday travels took Eunice to explore France the the area arround Annecy (near Mont Blanc). She reported less snow than expected by skiers but thoroughly enjoyed the scenery nonetheless. She continued her travels to Perigeux and Paris prior to returning to Cameroon.
Ed and Robin Charlesworth- Embarked on an expedition to Antarctica with frequent sightings of penguins and whales.  Also enjoyed a reunion with Renata Viglione in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Renata was hosted by the Charlesworth's as a GSE (Group Study Exchange participant some years ago.  The provided a great walking tour or her home town (Robin showed more than 17,000 steps that day!).  
Chopin and Joan Kiang - All Aboard!  Also enjoyed a cruise recently to ports in Mexico as a delayed celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary.  He had a break from cooking onboard but jumped back into cooking upon their return home. He and Joan cooked and served the Tri- City Mental Health Veterans Appreciation Luncheon. 
Robert Stein - Delivered the donations brought to the Christmas Party to Star of Hope who were appreciative of the warm blankets and clothing.  
President Brittany Johnson - Assisted her younger son with a Hot Cocoa Stand last month and raised $300 for Children's Miracle Network.  It turned into a full block birthday 6th birthday party (actual party planned for in January) and her son designed the largest ice cream sundae EVER to share with everyone.
Lynette Wilke and Anais Watsky - Interviewed long-term outbound youth exchange students to represent RotaryDistrict 5890 as this program has been reactivated hence Covid.  
Ruby Powers - Started her second semester at South Texas College of Law Houston teaching Law Office Management. So much class demand, I let them nearly double the size to 35 students. 
Isis Meijas - Traveled to Bogota, Columbia earlier this month and Costa Rica.