Linda Caruso - Condolences to Linda and her family on the recent loss of her father, William Albert Mayer.  Amongst Linda's memories of her father, she recalled that he loved sharing his ideas about a better world, education, politics, criminal reform, nothing was impossible, just not yet done.   His medical expertise led to a heart catheter that saved millions of lives. He wrote proposals for the revision of Medicare and health care for all to President Bill Clinton; pitched a collaboration for sharing the Russian Space Station to President Gorbachev; developed a program for sharing medical technology with Russia during the cold war; and negotiated a program with Cuba to provide much needed hospital equipment during the crisis. Later in life he was honored with a scholarship in his name at the University of Sophia in Bulgaria for his work supporting the development and application of research that contributed to businesses in agriculture, bioremediation, and nutraceuticals.  His travels brought him through six continents and he lived in six countries.  Many agree that he was indeed a great man.
Linda shares "Here is to keeping stories alive in our hearts and our families, here is to remembering that we can always be better and that we are all responsible, here is to strength and the will to live no matter what life throws our way."
Robert Stein and Jake Stein enjoyed a successful pheasant hunting trip in Sublette, Kansas together.  
Dick Robie - Wishing you a speedy recovery following knee surgery and wife, Barbara, is taking excellent care of both Dick and their dog who also had surgery.
Leenette Wilke, Ruben Santos, and Glenda Guzman attended SCRYE (South Central Rotary Youth Exchange) in Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 26 & 27.  The South Central Rotary Youth Exchange (SCRYE) was created to promote and facilitate Rotary International Youth Exchange for our member districts. SCRYE provides information, education, collaboration and the independence to facilitate the Youth Exchange Process.  Our club was well represented!
Joanna Herr -  Congratulations on a successful fundraiser Water4Life Global Gala!  This was held in the Center for Ideas, Antigua, Guatemala.  Also attending were Rotarians President Stan Edwards, Kim Rogers, and Dr. Paul Homsy.  Unwaivering commitment to provide clean water for all!  

Guatemala’s ecosystems are facing a critical threat due to water contamination, endangering the country’s ecology.  Much of the country lacks proper sanitation and greywater treatment systems, leading to water-borne illnesses and a toxic environment.  Guatemala requires immediate and coordinated action to avert an ecosystem collapse and ensure the well-being of its indigenous communities.