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I would like to start by thanking Past President, Mike Miller, and the previous Board of Directors for their amazing role in leading the club. You continue to be an inspiration.

It is an honor to start this new Rotary year with this year’s theme: Rotary Opens Opportunities.

The new President of Rotary International is the German Holger Knaack. With this theme, he asks Rotarians to create opportunities that strengthen their leadership, help put service ideas into action, and improve the lives of those in need.

I heard him speak live during PETS earlier this year and was very inspired with this speech.

He mentioned that to build a stronger membership, Rotary must focus on increasing the number of female members and transitioning Rotaractors into Rotarians. As this is sort of the low hanging fruit to increase membership.

Knaack believes that the People of Action campaign offers new public awareness possibilities for Rotary, as this campaign conveys our global image while still respecting differences in regions and cultures.

As I reflect on what this theme means to me, I realize that is no coincidence. It was precisely the vast range of opportunities to bring ideas into action what attracted me to Rotary.

I started my journey in Rotary while I was working in a project to bring clean water in Kenya (see photo). Rotary contributed to that project and we were able to care for mothers who were literally giving birth without access to water. I was very inspired with the work and came back to Houston to enroll in the environmental engineering program at the University of Houston.

Soon enough, I found that Rotary offered scholarships for graduate school. So, I participated and won the Rotary Global Grant Scholarship that led me to spend 3 years in Sao Paulo, Brazil doing research in water treatment. I built an international research collaboration and came back to Houston to be offered the position of the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group Ambassador.

This was yet again, another opportunity, to connect with people to do good throughout the world. For me, Rotary DID and continues to open Opportunities for me to network with people who want to serve in the humanitarian world in the water and sanitation, and the disease prevention areas of focus. For me, it gave me the road to find my passion in life and a tremendous network of possibilities to serve with this passion.

So, what I am hoping we can accomplish this year:

  1. INCREASE MEMBER ENGAGEMENT - This has been a challenge for an e-Club since we don’t have as many face-to-face meetings. INCREASE THE QUANTITY AND QUALITY OF SPEAKERS, INCREASE FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS. USE MORE ONLINE TOOLS - there is a large pool of platforms and tools that can make our communication easier, so we will be exploring those.

  2. INCREASE FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES - We will be focusing on raising more funds for club activities.



    2. PARTICIPATE IN OUR FIRST GLOBAL GRANT. This grant aims to establish the first molecular diagnostics laboratory for infectious diseases in Venezuela.


It looks like we will have a busy year! Let’s continue leading like champions today.

Dr. Isis Mejias

Big Congratulations to our Past e-Club President, Mike Miller, who received the President of the Year Award from DG 5890 "In Recognition of Your Outstanding Service as Medium Club President." Well deserved, Mike! We know how hard you worked to help DG Gary Gillen make sure online Zoom meetings for the district, as well as other clubs, ran smoothly during these difficult Covid-19 times. You coordinated and monitored online Rotary meetings of over 300 people! That was a huge undertaking. This is the first time a president of our e-Club has received this award. As a special surprise, District Governor Gary Gillen hand delivered the award to Mike at his home. Congratulations Mike - the e-Club of Houston is PROUD of you! 
And another Huge Congratulations to Cristal Montanez who is our deserving Rotarian of the Year for her dedication to improving the plight of refugees arriving in Columbia and building effective partnerships to alleviate hunger. "In sincere appreciation and recognition of distinguished service, loyalty and devotion to the ideals of Rotary for the Hope for Venezuelan Refugees Project." Your strength and leadership makes it possible to reach the most vulnerable around the world!

We wholeheartedly welcome the following individuals as our 2020/21 e-Club of Houston Executives and Directors. Thanks to each and every one of you for your dedication to making our world a better place through Rotary! 
President: Dr. Isis Mejias
President Elect:Dick Robie
Secretary: Charles Mickens
Treasurer: Michael Miller
Community Service: Brittany Johnson
Next Generation Service: Fabiola Giannone
The Rotary Foundation: Robin Charlesworth
Public Relations: Nguyen Nguyen
Membership: Michael Hasty
Youth Service: Fabiola Giannone
We also welcome Scott Rainey as our 2020/21 Rotary District 5890 Governor!

Our new project "Diagnostics and Treatment of Infectious Diseases in Barquisimeto, Venezuela" is already under review by Rotary International (RI). The Rotary e-Club of Houston is the International club and the Rotary Club of Nueva Segovia is the host club.
This project aims to provide funding for the acquisition and installment of medical equipment and reagents necessary to establish the first molecular diagnostics laboratory for infectious diseases in Venezuela.
Molecular diagnosis is a valuable tool with virtually no development in the country. These modern techniques significantly increase diagnostic precision and speed, and they can also prevent unnecessary expenses and harm related to misdiagnosis and delayed treatment.
The main beneficiary of this project will be The Venezuelan Science Incubator (VSI), a non-profit organization devoted to the study and treatment of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) using translational science: the practical application of scientific knowledge developed in the laboratory to provide health care solutions for the most vulnerable populations in the country. I'm also proud to share that The Venezuelan Science Incubator just published an article in the International Journal of Antimicrobial A­­gentswhere Rotary is mentioned as a key player in the fight against infectious diseases:
We are looking forward to hearing a positive response from RI soon!
Dr. Isis Mejias

Calling all e-Club members! We've added another new photo to our member mosaic! Please email your photo to Charles Mickens for our online Member Directory and to be included with the group below! 
As we continue to add to our collage of e-Club members, we need the help of every member to make this happen. What will it take? A photo of yourself. The better the quality or the higher the resolution the better the end product will be. 

If you have a photo of yourself or want to take one with your phone, that will be fine. And one thing, if you take a photo with your phone, remember to take the photo in portrait/vertical position to ensure that the photo will upload into ClubRunner and display in portrait format. Please send your photo to Charles Mickens, e-Club Secretary, at and let him know if the same photo can be used for our e-Club Directory on ClubRunner.  Thank you Charles for coordinating this project!
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