As many of you know, one of my sons died by suicide a few months ago. Coping
with the aftermath of his loss has been an incredibly challenging and painful
journey, that has often required time, patience, and support. In the wake of such
a devastating loss, it's been essential to acknowledge and work through a myriad
of emotions that I’ve felt. Grief, guilt, confusion, and anger can be overwhelming,
creating a complex emotional landscape that needs careful navigation.
Initially, the shock and disbelief dominated my feelings, making it difficult to
comprehend the reality of him no longer being here. I’m not quite sure there is a
loss that hits on the same level as losing one’s child. As time progresses, my
emotions often give way to profound sadness and a sense of loss that feels
insurmountable. And, though I don’t personally feel it, the guilt that some of his
siblings and friends feel can be particularly debilitating, as questions of "what if"
and "why" haunt their minds.
Working through these emotions has involved a combination of self-reflection,
professional support, and connecting with others who have experienced similar
tragedies. A new friend who also lost his daughter put it so fittingly. He said, “we
are part of a very exclusive club that no one wants to belong to.” No truer words
have ever been stated. At times I must allow myself the space to mourn and
acknowledge my pain. If I find myself getting stuck, I will seek therapy or
counseling that can provide a safe and confidential environment to explore my
emotions, so I can get guidance on coping mechanisms and strategies for healing.
Moreover, connecting with my support network has been more important than
ever – friends and family have alleviated the isolation that often accompanies my
grief. Talking with other parents and who have lost a loved one from suicide has
also been of great value. Sharing my experiences and emotions with those who
understand the unique challenges of losing a loved one to suicide has fostered a
sense of community and understanding.
While my journey towards healing is neither linear nor easy, I know that seeking
help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Through time, self-compassion, and
support, I know I will gradually work through all my emotions and find a path
towards acceptance and resilience in the face of this devastating loss.
My son’s memory will stay with me forever. And I often find myself smiling or
laughing to myself thinking about some of our times together. Death may kill a
life, but it doesn’t kill the relationship.
If you’ve lost a child or a loved one to suicide, my deepest heartfelt prayers go out
to you. I understand your pain. I am thankful that I have been able to lean on my
faith, friends and family for support and encouragement……..including my Rotary
Family. Be sure to lean on yours!
President Stan Edwards
Nsajigwa John Mwakipesile -  John is a martial arts instructor/coach for ages four to adults.  After inquiring online and speaking with Rick Brady, District Membership Chair-Elect, and then. speaking with our club Membership Chair Michael Paladin Hasty, he decided to apply to our e-club.  He had already been aware of the good deeds done by Rotary around the world.  He says, "I know I can change the world by martial arts like any other form of education taught i can express philosophy of a better world through Martial Arts teaching that will impact the community."  John is divorced and lives in Houston.
Kevin Seok - Kevin is in the solar energy business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  His business is in Grand Prairie and he lives in Mansfield, Texas.  He is interested in supporting worthy causes.  Also, Kevin enjoys photography, hiking, golf, and home improvement projects.  He was introduced to our club by our Membership Chair Michael Paladin Hasty.
Everyone should have now received your invitation to register for our next Speaker Series at noon (CST) on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.  If you did not receive this communication please contact President Stan Edwards.
Invisible Battles:  Everyone has the Choice with Suicide
Understanding the Complexity of Suicide

Robin understanding the complexity of suicide involves recognizing the multifaceted nature of this deeply distressing and often tragic phenomenon. Suicide is not the result of a single cause but rather arises from a combination of various biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors. Mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, can contribute significantly, but they are only one piece of the intricate puzzle.
Our speaker, Ruth Shepard, a native of Guatemala, moved to California at the age of 3.  Ruth shares her story, experiences and challenges surviving her husband's death by suicide in 2011.  
Ruth had an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in the banking industry.  Currently serving as the President of the Lompoc Rotaryand overseeing the Lompoc Community Garden, she is deeply committed to enhancing the quality of life in her community. Ruth further extends her influence by contributing to the Lompoc Family YMCA as a valued member of the Board of Directors.
WHAT:  Mental Health Summit
WHEN:  March 4, 2024.   9:00 am - 1:00 pm
WHERE:  Memorial Church of Christ

Rotary International President Gordon McInally has asked all of us to “become champions in our effort to illuminate mental health needs near and far”.  In this initiative he also says “we need to advocate for removal of the stigma talking about mental health, help people find better quality care, and support them through their journey to recovery”.
How can we all do this ?  Education on this topic is very important, and letting those ( of all ages)
know it’s ok to talk about mental health and to let them know what resources are available to them!
The District 5890 Mental Health Committee is planning a Mental Health Summit in March of 2024. Your help is needed. We hope to have a member of each club participate and I’m presently talking to the chairs of our Interact clubs and the Interact students themselves on September 30th at Round Up.
The Summit will consist of break out sessions with professional speakers in their areas of expertise in the mental field in the Houston area.  Soon the program including the list of speakers will be posted on our club website.  There will also be panel discussions with adults and with students. 
We would greatly appreciate your help! Please call me or email me if you are interested in helping:)
Evelyn Traylor 
Rotary 5890 Mental Health Chair
My cell:  281-794-0687 
Linda Caruso - Condolences to Linda and her family on the recent loss of her father, William Albert Mayer.  Amongst Linda's memories of her father, she recalled that he loved sharing his ideas about a better world, education, politics, criminal reform, nothing was impossible, just not yet done.   His medical expertise led to a heart catheter that saved millions of lives. He wrote proposals for the revision of Medicare and health care for all to President Bill Clinton; pitched a collaboration for sharing the Russian Space Station to President Gorbachev; developed a program for sharing medical technology with Russia during the cold war; and negotiated a program with Cuba to provide much needed hospital equipment during the crisis. Later in life he was honored with a scholarship in his name at the University of Sophia in Bulgaria for his work supporting the development and application of research that contributed to businesses in agriculture, bioremediation, and nutraceuticals.  His travels brought him through six continents and he lived in six countries.  Many agree that he was indeed a great man.
Linda shares "Here is to keeping stories alive in our hearts and our families, here is to remembering that we can always be better and that we are all responsible, here is to strength and the will to live no matter what life throws our way."
Robert Stein and Jake Stein enjoyed a successful pheasant hunting trip in Sublette, Kansas together.  
Dick Robie - Wishing you a speedy recovery following knee surgery and wife, Barbara, is taking excellent care of both Dick and their dog who also had surgery.
Leenette Wilke, Ruben Santos, and Glenda Guzman attended SCRYE (South Central Rotary Youth Exchange) in Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 26 & 27.  The South Central Rotary Youth Exchange (SCRYE) was created to promote and facilitate Rotary International Youth Exchange for our member districts. SCRYE provides information, education, collaboration and the independence to facilitate the Youth Exchange Process.  Our club was well represented!
Joanna Herr -  Congratulations on a successful fundraiser Water4Life Global Gala!  This was held in the Center for Ideas, Antigua, Guatemala.  Also attending were Rotarians President Stan Edwards, Kim Rogers, and Dr. Paul Homsy.  Unwaivering commitment to provide clean water for all!  

Guatemala’s ecosystems are facing a critical threat due to water contamination, endangering the country’s ecology.  Much of the country lacks proper sanitation and greywater treatment systems, leading to water-borne illnesses and a toxic environment.  Guatemala requires immediate and coordinated action to avert an ecosystem collapse and ensure the well-being of its indigenous communities.


Most workspaces have been conceived with an industrial production-line mindset. It's time to overcome that outdated model and create environments that help us feel in a true state of flow at work (sense of belonging, community values, peer learning, empathy). Based on experience, Key shares the principles governing the design of the flowspace: Curiosity, Conversation, Community and Care. Key is co-founder of Studio Banana. He's an architect by education and creative entrepreneur by miseducation. Together with his partners, he loves exploring the power of design as a tool for transformation. Key is the partner in charge of Work and Learning environment projects within Studio Banana, and is responsible for projects like the HQ of NTT Switzerland, the multimedia experience at Olympic House, the Nestlé R&D Accelerator or the pioneer EY wavespace in London. One of Studio Banana's most celebrated creations is the Ostrich Pillow. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.
Guerrero Clinic is located in the City of Guerrero Clinic in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico
Guerrero Surgery and Education Center is a non-profit organization that provides free eye care to patients in need throughout the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Services include eye exams, eyeglasses, cataract surgery and dental procedures to indigent populations surrounding Guerrero, Chihuahua. You can help us by donating or volunteering with us.  Started by the Rotary Club of Brazosport, the Guerrero Clinic provides free eye & dental care to indigent people in the City of Guerrero, State of Chihuahua, Mexico.  More about the history of this project is following in this article.
We provide volunteer opportunities for medical and non-medical people, adults, students (high school age and up) and families. It is a great experience for parent/child or grandparent/child to share.
Serving multiple populations this clinic serves the Indigent people of Mexico, Mennonite, and Indian Population 
Walter Branson  979-236-1970
Robert Yudkin 214-213-6808
The next clinic will be March 28 thru April 3, 2022.  Clinics are held  approximately 4 times a year, the clinic will see 750-1200 patients at $0 cost to patients.
It takes both medical and non-medical (you'll be trained at the clinic) volunteers to make the clinic work.    
Come discover and celebrate diverse perspectives with a global organization. Learn about who you are as a person while exploring new cultures and peoples.

We are looking for American volunteers for the following roles.

  ~ Optometrists (1)
  ~ Ophthalmologists (1, experienced with dense cataracts)
  ~ Scrub techs (1)
  ~ Circulators (1)
  ~ Translators (4) (English/Spanish, English/German)  
  ~ Volunteers for pre/post op (4) 
  ~ Volunteers for other roles (5)
  ~ Construction (2) 


Travel, accommodation & meal costs for the five day clinics are all inclusive (except for alcohol).

Cost to volunteer is $385 plus the cost of airfare. The volunteer fee includes ground transportation in Mexico, shared lodging in Mexico (see photo of accommodations below), just about all of your meals, AND the T-shirt. 

Because of COVID protocols. Do not purchase airfare without the approval of either Robert Yudkin or Walter Branson.


Robert Yudkin    214-213-6808 or
Walter Branson  979-236-1970
February  / March 2024
The Houston E-Club community service theme for February and March is Volunteerism – Health, Water & Sanitation – Polio. This is an opportunity for our E-club to focus on some KEY Rotary Areas of global service. Please spread the word and participate locally, individually in the name of rotary, and join our club in targeted events to demonstrate ACTIVE volunteerism making the world and our communities a better place. 
We ask that you communicate your participation in any of these activities and use our new communication platform to help us document our club’s execution of “Service Above Self” culture wherever you are.
Monthly Board of Directors Meetings - Second Tuesday each month @ Noon
Monthly Zoom Meetings with Speakers - Third Tuesday each month @ Noon
February 24  All-Club District 5890 Meeting @ Safari Ranch -
  *One more seat at our club table (#20) .  Contact Robin Charlesworth @ 970-880-0960 to sit at the club table, but more may still buy tickets - see district website.
March 4  Mental Health Summit @ 
March 8  International Women's Day
March 14 Rotary Night at the Rodeo
March 19 Speaker Series - The Rotary Foundation - Why We Support It & How To Give
April 25 - 28  "Cheeseburger in Paradise" District Conference 
The Rotary Foundation and all worldwide Rotary clubs have a motto, "Every Rotarian Every Year".  That's right, we are encouraged to support OUR Foundation every year in some dollar amount plus another donation to END POLIO.  PDG Nick Giannone has announced a special BONUS for your giving to the Rotary Foundation.  "I thought I might try to help make us an All Paul Harris Member Club for 2023-2024.  So, I am going to give everyone an incentive to donate to the Rotary Foundation in 2023-2024.  Staring 7/1/24, I will credit you one point for every dollar you give to the Foundation or Polio Plus, up to 500 points or until I run out of points (around 20,000).  So, one can become a Paul Harris Fellow for $500 or less instead of $1,000.  Plus remember Bill Gates will triple what you give to Polio Plus!  A win, win, win situation for Rotary!  LET'S DO IT!  Come on, let's be an ALL PAUL HARRIS CLUB in the new Rotary year."

This is a great opportunity to elevate our giving status which is monitored by Rotary International and our giving level directly impacts how much we receive in return for District Grants each year.  There is no shortage on worthwhile projects, yet we always need more money to support identified projects.  Please consider giving a minimum of $100 annually to our Rotary Foundation.  To accomplish this login to My Rotary on the Rotary International website.  There you will find a DONATE button at the top right corner.  There are options for giving:  Annual Fund, PolioPlus, World Fund, Disaster Response, Pakistan or Ukraine.  We ask that you first select Annual Fund as a portion of these funds are returned to our district to support our District Grants.  Additionally, support for the Polio Plus Fund is encouraged each year until we successfully END POLIO.  
If you need assistance with this process and setting up a MyRotary login, please reach out to any of our Board members. Together we are making progress to "Make this World a Better Place".  
1.  Attend the Meeting/Speaker Series on Tuesday,  March 19, 2024 at Noon CST.
2.  Read the newsletter and listen to the TedTalk (counts as a meeting credit).
3.  Update your own Biography on ClubRunner.  If you have already written yours, please read about another club member to get to know them better.
4.  Notify Robin Charlesworth or Wind Nguyen if you are not on the club's WhatsApp group.
6.  Community Service -   Donate to a clean water project or to    "End Polio Now".
7.  Reach out and call a fellow club member to build better friendships.
Upcoming Events & Speakers
Past Speakers
Lori McDowell
Nov 21, 2023 12:00 PM
"Reinventing Yourself, Turning Obstacles into Opportunities, and Tragedies into Triumphs"
Rotary International News
Rotary honors six members as People of Action Champions of Impact

Members promoted mental health, protected mangrove forests, and helped Indigenous young people increase their economic opportunities

Service Above Self
February 2024
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