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Efficient leadership in the digital era

In business today, the need for innovation and rapid decision-making trumps yesterday's drive for efficiency. How does this influence what it means to be an effective leader? Charlene Li explains that it's less about control and more about empowerment: enabling employees to acquire the information they need, so they can make their own decisions.

About the speaker

Charlene is CEO and Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, and author of the New York Times bestseller "Open Leadership." She is also the coauthor of the bestselling book "Groundswell." She is one of the foremost experts on social media and a consultant and independent thought leader on leadership, strategy, social technologies, interactive media and marketing.
All members are requested to complete the attached survey.  It is important to receive input from our club members periodically to see if there are changes we need to consider to be relevant to all members and their reasons for joining Rotary.  Please try to complete this by September 7th (two weeks).
Our newest member, Dr. Paul Homsy,  is an experienced Rotarian transferring to our e-Club of Houston from the Bear Creek/Copperfield Rotary Club where he has served in multiple roles, including Past-President.   He is a practicing psychiatrist and has recently moved to Guatemala.  He is married and his wife is Guatemalan.  He has known the Charlesworth's,  Stan Edwards and Kim Rogers, Dr. Nick Giannone and others in the e-Club of Houston; and since he is traveling more he sought membership in an e-club.  He is interested in travel, tennis and swimming.  Welcome, Paul!
Marcia Allgayer - Just graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's degree in International and Global Studies! Congratulations, Marcia!
Mike and Dree Miller - World travelers - touring Germany, Denmark and Norway.  Safe travels!
Brittany Johnson - Recently was seen soaking up the sun in Turks and Caicos with the family.  
Ruby Powers - Squeezed in a date night to see the play, "Twelve Angry Jurors".  All actors were judges or lawyers and it emphasized the importance of the jury and actively participating as a juror.
Jake Stein - Planning to scuba dive in Grand Caymans and he and Alli just celebrated their youngest son's first birthday.
Anais Watsky - Celebrated 57 years of wedded bliss with Buddy - congratulations!  She is also helping our exchange student get settled and started in Klein schools.
Isabel Nordin - Volunteered to be the counselor for our club's first exchange student - thanks!
Michael Hasty - Rolling out a new product line - Enviro Thermal Coatings.  This dampens noise and extends the lifespan of sloped or flat roofs.  It also provides thermal insulation resulting in money saved.  
Valeria Iakovenko - Setting trends in agriculture in the use of drones and demonstrating innovation during war times in Ukraine.  
Students are heading "Back to School" with new backpacks, school supplies and new clothes.  Teachers often dip into their own pockets for classroom supplies.  Check out "Clear the List"on Amazon Wish Lists for educators around the country.  #COJOClearTheList
Country music star Cody Johnson and his community is stepping up tp help CLEAR THE LIST for as many teachers as possible.  His new single "Human" serves as a reminder of the common thread that binds us all - our collective journey of learning what it means to be human.  We're all in this together and now more than ever, it's crucial that we prioritize supporting one another and lifting each other up.   If you know a teacher, let them know they may submit their wish list at  Check out the song on YouTube and follow the steps below to help a fellow human!
Step 1.  Find a List to Support. (view various wish lists)
Step 2.  Support a Teacher and Enter to Win.
             Next, show your receipt for a chance to win an exclusive Cody Johnson prize package and to nominate a teacher you care about.
             Twenty lucky teachers will be selected to win a $300 self-care surprise and a free ticket to a upcoming Get Your Teach On Conference of
             their choice.  
***      DEADLINE IS AUGUST 31, 2022.

In the remote northwest corner of Nicaragua, just three hours from Houston, Texas there lived over 800 children living off of the garbage of the city dump of the city of Chinandega, Nicaragua. These children were digging through the garbage, with their bodies full of open sores, desperately looking for something to eat. Children were competing with dogs, cattle and adults for scraps of food.

In 2001, after hearing Father Dessey and Rotarian Frank Huezo speak at the Rotary International Convention in San Antonio, Texas, other Rotary districts from Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Colorado, North Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, decided to join the rescue mission. Since then many other great miracles have happened for those children in desperate need.

In 1995 a missionary, Padre Marco Dessy, began working with these children by means of a small school where the students also received a hot lunch each day; but he only had room and funds to support about 90 children. A Rotary Club from Humble, Texas began an effort to expand the school and provide additional funds. Then in 1998, Hurricane Mitch destroyed the northern region around Chinandega leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless with their homes, farms, cattle, tools and everything gone. They also ended up at the city dump compounding the problem. Rotarians from the Houston area responded.

The original School of the Dump was expanded to include all grades from pre-K through high school. A Trade School was also built as well as a live-in school for blind children, a hospital, medical and dental clinics, a pregnant women’s shelter and much more.

The Children of the Dump project in Nicaragua is still active. Due to the political situation in Nicaragua
we are no longer taking the trips to visit the project but we are still actively supporting it as allowed.
Frank Huezo (Rotary Club of Kingwood) has been to Chinandega recently.   He is able to go into the country by flying to Costa Rica and then taking a bus into Nicaragua.

The Haldo Dubon school is functioning with school classes in regular session.  Funds are needed for school supplies, teacher salaries and to help with the maintenance of the buildings.  These buildings age just like
anything else they need maintenance.

The layette project is not active now for a several reasons:
1. We cannot send anything into the country.
2. Steve Thorpe passed away last year and he was the person that organized that part of the project.
The Rotary Club in Chinandega is very active and they are doing all they can to keep the schools going.
Since we are no longer able to send containers that has stopped a large part of our income for Betania.
Daniela Porras is still the administrator of the project, she has been there about 6 years now and is
doing an amazing job. Daniela is also an active member of the Rotary Club in Chinandega.
This is a great Rotary success story with long-term commitment!
Billing is delayed as we seek an auto-payment annually.  We hope that most members will participate in the new program to be rolled out next month.  This will greatly simplify the job of Treasurer.  Remember, if you choose to withdraw from the club a written notification to the Board of Directors is required. It is best to do this prior to January 1 or prior to July 1.
Being an active Rotarian not only involves commitment to  the Rotary motto, "Service Above Self", but also a commitment to support our club with payment of annual dues.  Our dues are structured to pay for Rotary International dues, Rotary District 5890 dues, and a small amount for club operations.  We will be sending invoices soon in the amount of $200.   
If you have any questions, please contact PDG Ed Charlesworth, Treasurer.
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Oct 20, 2022 6:30 PM
History of the Apollo Mission/NASA
History of the Apollo Mission/NASA
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Sep 10, 2022
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Rotary International News
The human touch

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Olena Morhun fled with three of her children and made her way to Puławy, Poland. There they were welcomed by Krystyna Wilczyńska-Ciemięga, one of many Rotary members who have opened their homes to refugees.

Service Above Self
October 2022
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