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Congratulations to our two Rotary Zone Institute presenters today who inspired governors in training and other top Rotary leaders via zoom meeting - Ruby Powers and President Isis Mejias. Both did an outstanding job and made us so very proud that our e-Club has such amazing women leaders!
Ruby Powers
Dr. Isis Mejias
Some of our members have family and friends who live in Oregon where wildfires have decimated many small towns. In response to the catastrophic loss of lives, animals, homes, businesses, and livelihoods for many Oregonians, Rotary District 5110 (Central & Southern OR/Northern CA) has established a Fire Relief Fund to help victims of the fires rebuild their lives. Oregon communities that have been severely devastated, if not eliminated, in the wake of these unprecedented fires will need help in both the near and long term.
For reference, Houston's air quality index today was 44; Portland, 30 miles from the fires has an air quality index this evening in the hazardous range of 427. Oregon is desperately hoping for rain this week (this newsletter editor lives in Portland and can attest to the terrible air quality). 
Oregon! My Oregon! Do what you do best - RAIN!! 

“For the painful and challenging times ahead, Rotary is ready to accept the public and corporate support to help those in need in our local communities. The focus is on raising and leveraging funds for future distribution via District Disaster Grants that help rebuild the fire devastated areas,” said District Governor Cindi O’Neil of Bend, Oregon. If you'd like to donate to this fund, please see the info below or follow this link
































Rotarian Nguyen 'Wind' Nguyen and Linda Foz promoting Rotary in our community!

Rotarian, Cristal Montañéz, reports:

The amount of Venezuelan refugees and migrants and Colombian returnees increases every day. They walk for days, many walk for weeks exposed to the elements without any protection under the rain, and extreme temperatures that oscillate between very low temperatures to scorching heat. Many walk without any destination.
It is necessary to declare "a migratory emergency" and adopt active diplomacy to defend and protect the rights of the Venezuelan refugees affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Unfortunately, there is not attention nor assistance from the international organizations and local government. Only members of the civic society are helping their Venezuelan neighbors. Rosmery at Centro de Apoyo Mery provides a meal box and a drink to the migrants walking through El Alto of Pamplona. We continue working with our local allies and volunteers to help alleviate hunger and build peace!!

Dear Rotarians,
Wonderful news! A news article came out yesterday in the New York Times highlighting the work of Dr. Alberto Paniz-Mondolfi:
Dr. Paniz-Mondolfi is the founder of the Venezuelan Science Incubator, an NGO dedicated to promoting science and treating infectious diseases in Venezuela, and one of the beneficiaries of the recently approved Rotary GG 2015574.

This GG, in the amount of $36,512, will help supply medical and laboratory equipment and reagents to build the first molecular diagnostics lab in Venezuela, under the leadership of Dr. Paniz-Mondolfi. The host club is the Rotary Club of Nueva Segovia (D-4380), and the international club is the Rotary e-Club of Houston (D-5890). Contributors also include the Rotary Club of Humble (D-5890), the Rotary District 7305 (in Pennsylvania), and the Rotary Club of Corsicana (D-5870).
Thank you for your dedication to helping the most vulnerable communities around the world in the battle against infectious diseases. Today, more than ever, we must continue fighting diseases that arise from the lack of adequate water, sanitation, and hygiene around the world. In Rotary, we are lighting the way one project at a time!
Dr. Isis Mejias - President, Rotary e-Club of Houston
PHOTO: Paniz-Mondolfi, who is Venezuelan, treating a small Piaroa girl in the Amazon with pneumonia in 2002. The Piaroa live on the banks of the Orinoco River on the border with Colombia. Source: New York Times

The World Health Organization (WHO) on 25 August announced that transmission of the wild poliovirus has officially been stopped in all 47 countries of its African region. This is a historic and vital step toward global eradication of polio, which is Rotary’s top priority.

After decades of hard won gains in the region, Rotary and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) — WHO, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UNICEF, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Gavi, the vaccine alliance — are proclaiming the milestone an achievement in public health. They offer it as proof that strong commitment, coordination, and perseverance can rid the world of polio. 




Calling all e-Club members! We've added three new photos to our member mosaic! Please email your photo to Charles Mickens for our online Member Directory and to be included with the group below! 
As we continue to add to our collage of e-Club members, we need the help of every member to make this happen. What will it take? A photo of yourself. The better the quality or the higher the resolution the better the end product will be. 

If you have a photo of yourself or want to take one with your phone, that will be fine. And one thing, if you take a photo with your phone, remember to take the photo in portrait/vertical position to ensure that the photo will upload into ClubRunner and display in portrait format. Please send your photo to Charles Mickens, e-Club Secretary, at and let him know if the same photo can be used for our e-Club Directory on ClubRunner.  Thank you Charles for coordinating this project!
The Four-Way Test is a nonpartisan and nonsectarian ethical guide for Rotarians to use for their personal and professional relationships. The test has been translated into more than 100 languages, and Rotarians recite it at club meetings.
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