WHEN:  June 4 - 8
WHERE:  HOUSTON. The 2022 Rotary International convention will be held at the George R. Brown Center, with special events taking place all around the city of Houston.

Ready for Lift Off?!! We are ….  First stop – Register for the Convention

On behalf of the Host Organization Committee, we cannot wait to welcome Rotarians and guests to Houston and the great State of Texas for the 2022 Rotary International Convention.  The saying goes that everything is “Bigger”, “Better” and “Friendlier” in Texas, and the goal of the Houston Host Organization Committee is to have each of you feel that every moment as our guest while in Houston! From the humble beginnings of this great city, Houston has been led by “People of Action” who have taken this City to great heights including, to the moon and back. 

The City has plenty of activities to keep you entertained.  Visit Space Center Houston, the home of Johnson Space Center and the Astronauts.  Enjoy a night at the theater.  Houston features a world class symphony, opera, ballet and permanent theater company.  World class museums are within a short ride from the convention center.  Of course, you can watch the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park which is walking distance from the Houston Convention Center. Second stop – Host Committee Events

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the world with a vast range of cultures.  Houston’s diversity has resulted in some of the world’s best cuisine.  Houston’s vast array of restaurants include Creole, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, African, Caribbean, Argentinian and of course our very own Tex-Mex and world famous BBQ, to name a few.

We look forward to welcoming each of you personally to Houston in June of 2022!!

PDG Rhonda Kennedy
Chair Host Organization Committee 2022


Event :  Environmental FootPrint Service Project  June 2022

WHAT MARK WILL YOU MAKE ?  Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing humanity.  Footprint App Inc. has customized their app to make it Rotary-focused while you are attending the convention.  Using it, you will be able track your carbon footprint while here in Houston and learn ways to develop more environmentally-sustainable habits.  Rotarians registered for this event will enjoy completing special challenges and watching their places on the leaderboards.                                     

The goal of the Environmental Footprint Service Project is to offset the environmental impact of Rotarians attending the 2022 Convention.

Event :  Visit to Kemah Boardwalk – Kemah, TX – Saturday June 4, 2022

Come visit one of the Gulf coasts most exciting playgrounds to include a boardwalk that features a wide range of restaurants, rides to include the bullet roller coaster, CP Huntington Train, Boardwalk Tower, Drop Zone, Iron Eagle Zip line, Stingray Reef and Rainforest Exhibit just to name a few, all in a setting looking onto the Gulf of Mexico.  A local shuttle sponsored by the Rotarians of the Seabrook Rotary Club will shuttle those to the Kemah shops that would like to do some shopping to support the local businesses.  This event gives priority to Rotaractors but is open to all Rotarians and the families.  Ticket prices include round trip bus transportation, wrist band allowing access to most of the rides, except for the “Beast” and “Fantasea Cruise” which are at an additional cost, and discounts for the local restaurants. Ticket price $50 USD.


Event:  Host Welcome Event  – Saturday night June 4, 2022

Join us for an evening of fun, food and entertainment as we kick-off the beginning of the 2022 Rotary International Convention. This event will take place on the Avenida Plaza in front of the George R Brown Convention Center, just a few feet away from Houston premier Green Space, Discovery Green Park. See Texas dancers like no other as the Texas Aggie Wranglers two step their way into your hearts. Enjoy the fun as the “ Little Armored Ones”, the Texas Armadillos, show off their racing skills. For those that have always wanted to be a Cowboy, climb on the mechanical bull, and see if you can last 8 seconds. This ticketed event will be filled with tastes, sights and sounds reflecting the cultural diversity of the City of Houston and the welcoming flair of the big heart of Texas. Please purchase your “Beer/Wine Tickets” prior to this event. A night of Texas hospitality with an international flair awaits you. The attire for this event is Texas casual.  Ticket price $125 USD.

Event :   Tour of Space Center Houston – Monday night June 6, 2022

Welcome to Space Center Houston.  Our guests will be bused to the Space Center in Clear Lake for an evening of out of this world exhibits and entertainment.  The visit to the space center includes a meal, round trip transportation and access to the Space Center Houston exhibits and activities.  The Trams to mission control and rocket-ship park will also be operating.  This visit will include live astronaut presentations, access to the Boeing 747 with the Space Shuttle and the new Falcon 9 exhibit.  Be prepared to be amazed at the human space fight interactive exhibits and shows. Ticket price $125 USD.

Event:  Magic on the Bayou – Monday evening  June 6, 2022

An evening of food, wine and magical entertainment. Enjoy a wonderful dinner, great wines and plenty of laughs as local magicians amaze you at your table.  The evening will conclude with 2 time International Champion of Magic and winner of the World of Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, NV- Ben Jackson, More Than Magic, as he performs his “Magic, Music and Mayhem” show. Ben has been featured on numerous national television shows and calls Houston his home.  Ballroom at the Bayou Place is easy to find in the theater district and on the main bus route.  Transportation not included in ticket price. Ticket price $100USD.

Event:  Host Hospitality Night – Tuesday evening  June 7, 2022

Sign up for an evening for host hospitality and join the Rotary clubs of District 5890 and 5910 for an evening of food, fun and fellowship.  A highlight of many conventions to come meet your Rotary friends and share the fellowship of the Rotary family. Ticket price $35 USD.  THIS IS OUR NIGHT AT THE SILOS!  Pre-purchase of tickets on WHATSAPP for our club or the following website:  https://www.tickettailor.com/events/rotaryeclubofhouston/648485 ***members of our club should not sign up for this event on RI website or you may be assigned to another club's party.  We need "all hands on deck" for this special event hosting 50 Rotarians from around the world.  Robert Stein is ordering BBQ, Chopin Kiang has arranged for terrific & talented musical entertainment, Isis is arranging for the "booze", and Robin's committee has hand-painted oyster shells for small gifts for all attendees as a token representative of the Texas Gulf Coast region.  To offer help or be assigned a task, contact Akin Olufowoshe.  Leenette Wilke and Wind Nguyen will accompany our group who registered through Rotary International on a bus to The Silos.




With more than 1.2 million members worldwide, Rotarians are on the ground and ready to take action to help communities recover when disasters strike.

Rotary members and The Rotary Foundation play a unique role in disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts. Working closely with our partner ShelterBox, Disaster Aid, and other organizations that specialize in disaster relief, Rotary members lead projects to support every phase of a community's recovery.

Rotary supports three phases of relief:

  1. Immediate response: Our local clubs and partners immediately offer helping hands and supplies.
  2. Short-term assistance: Our clubs and districts help affected communities wherever we can through funds and materials to re-establish day-to-day operations.
  3. Long-term rebuilding: Our clubs plan and implement projects that rebuild affected communities.
Each year we have disasters on US soil largely due to extreme weather events, such as tornadoes and flooding, which creates opportunities for Disaster Relief.  Many clubs are currently invested in Disaster Relief in Ukraine and the neighboring countries who have taken in refugees to feed and provide shelter.  The world sees to create endless opportunities for Rotarians to take action and help those in need as they face unexpected life circumstances.
Have you heard of the term “food literacy”? In this talk Peggy Chan will share why solving the climate crisis will require more than just shifting diets. In fact, we will require fundamental food education reform beginning at a grassroots level - in schools and for professionals in F&B. Small changes done at scale through helping people to understand the impact of their food choices on their health, ecosystem and our economy. Peggy opened Grassroots Pantry in 2012 with a mission to raise awareness and knowledge on the benefits of plant-based cuisine. Emerging as the region’s most authoritative voice on organic sourcing, and sustainable food systems, Peggy developed Grassroots Initiatives Consultancy to help food service professionals understand how operational decisions affect the planet and its ecosystems. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.
Caribbean style cuisine will be planned for the first "Gourmet Night" to be held at the home of Linda and Karl Blench in Pearland, Texas.  They will provide recipes for those interested and recorded music of a steel drum band will provide an appropriate ambiance for the evening.  The meal will be prepared once guests arrive in the. kitchen all together and then seating will be outside. It will be BYOB. This kick-off will be limited to only four couples and others may attend via Zoom.  Watch WHATSAPP for. updates as a second dinner may be planned in the Cypress area.  Guests who are not in our Rotary club will be welcome, too.  Brandt Smith has offered to host if needed.  BON APPETITE, YA'LL!
We raised $2,400 to send medical supplies to Ukraine. These supplies primarily went to Kharkiv.  They were purchased in Poland by an employee of our club member Valeriy Iakovenko who remains in Ukraine.  He has some employees operating in Poland who made the purchases and arranged for the delivery of medical supplies.  
These supplies were for hospitals needing supplies and a new list of needs was shared as the need is ongoing.  We will soon be applying for a Disaster Relief Grant from Rotary International in the amount of $25,000.  Special thanks to member Salvador Gonzales in El Paso for working on the grant to be submitted on behalf of our district.  Robin Charlesworth has inquired to needs in Kharkiv and Mykolayv hospitals.  They do need patient monitors if they are used (probably being conservative as the risk remains high of getting bombed).  Priority needs remain tactical medicine for emergency support to treat burns and bleeding - more bandages, hemostatic powder to stop bleeding.  
Last week a new partnership with Project Cure was explored for purchase of supplies in the USA which will include shipping to either Germany or Poland.  While touring their warehouse, I observed many boxes already wrapped up on pallets to be shipped to Ukraine.  Robin has also been in communication with President James Joeriman of the Rotary Club of Lviv International who can arrange for delivery from the Poland/Ukraine border into Ukraine.  They are a club of about 60 members who are actively engaged in delivering supplies within Ukraine.  President James Joeriman shared, "As far as first aid kits, we strongly advise picking kits that contain tourniquets, 6" emergency/Israeli bandage, a hemostatic agent (chito gauze, Cellox, Quick klot, etc.), and shears at a minimum. Eye shields and decompression needles are a nice bonus, but the kits can lack these items and still be useful for field medics who have largely replaced ER doctors with the destruction of many hospitals in the east." He continued, "
As a quick overview of our efforts, with our members in Poland and Germany, we have fundraised just around 3.5 million EUR, sent nearly 70 trucks (most of them from Germany) of aid. Just last week while I was in Lviv we had 4 deliveries with things ranging from mattresses to first aid kits, and two trucks which brought in generators! https://www.facebook.com/LvivInternationalRC."
Within our district I know we have delivered more than $30,000 in aide for Ukraine.  Some support has gone directly to the $10 million received in Rotary International for the Disaster Relief Grants.  Others have partnered with physicians from Ukraine who were here a few years ago with Open World, and some partnered with Medical Bridges.  

Fundraising for Ukraine to purchase and deliver needed medical supplies and equipment to hospitals has been initiated.  The ICC USA-Ukraine has had an emergency meeting to plan interventions.  Rotary International has set up Disaster Grants for Ukraine and the nearby countries helping refugees who have left Ukraine due to the war.   The Rotary Fellowship of Healthcare Professions, the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians, and the ICC Ukraine-Turkey have stepped up and already provided assistance.  Hong Kong Flying Rotarians have delivered supplies routed through China to Poland.  All Rotary clubs in Ukraine are meeting daily online to discuss immediate needs with the development of a Special Crisis Team,  ICC Ukraine-Turkey has already shipped 100 tons of humanitarian cargoes with another four trucks loading for follow-up deliveries.  Our own Rotary District 5890 has shipped about $12,000 in medical supplies.equipment thru Medical Bridges, 1,000 clean water filter thru Disaster USAide, and another $2,000 cash to Medical Unit of Humanitarian Center of Lviv.  We have raised $1,850 to date, and will continue fundraising to send another wave of medical supplies.

In Doc Olha’s hospital, Cherkasy Regional Cancer Center, there are many new patients.  Some have been transferred from Herson and Sumy.  Small children in cancer treatment have been transferred there from Kyiv and Kharkiv.  A list of needs for the cancer treatment will be sent soon.  She has sent spreadsheets detailing needs for medical equipment and supplies including first-aid kits, semi-auto chemistry analyzers, patient monitors ($550 US), infusion pumps ($360 US), emergency ventilators ($3,200 US), Hydrogen Peroxide, Insulin, Nitroglycerin, ethyl alcohol, latex gloves, medical gauze, bandaids, surgical gloves and surgical suture material.  Also, diapers, flashlights, heaters, and warm blankets.  The list is more comprehensive and I am sure that Medical Bridges can supply what is needed from their lists.  

The Disaster Response Fund offered by Rotary International is available through June 30, 2022 in amounts up to $50,000 each to provide relief to refugees, and items such as water, food, shelter, medicine, and clothing.  Doc Olha is concerned about a nearby orphanage.  I am certain that DG Volodymyr Bondarenko is demonstrating strong leadership in his coordination of all Rotary clubs in Ukraine and frequent communication across the country.  The RI Zone Coordinator is Kateryna Kotsali-Papadimitruou.  PDG Mykola Stebljanko and PDG Vira Syryamina are also contact Rotarians for information on aid and international support during this crisis.

These are desperate times for innocent victims of an unexpected war in Ukraine as Russia invaded their land unprovoked.  Some of us have connections to friends in Ukraine from our sponsorship of an Open World team which is sponsored by the U.S. Congress. This was only 3 years ago in Houston and many of our club members had opportunities to break break with them during their 10-day stay, let’s reach out and lend a helping hand to our friends in Ukraine.  The team leader, Sasha, found safe haven in Romania with her small child, mother and mother-in-law.  Her husband, Valerii Iakovenko, must stay to defend his country.  Valerii joined our e-club after we visited their home in Kyiv following the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg.  They participated in the ICC Ukraine-USA zoom meeting from within their bathroom (only room without windows) with flashes of light from explosions visible.  Denys, Sasha and Julia are ok.  Julia posted on Facebook about how to parent during war and uncertain times.   “We will hear scary sounds and have to move to a safer place” is an honest statement yet not making promises of safety which may be impossible to keep.  We do not have news from Max nor Natalie at this time.  Our district also hosted a medical team with Open World.  We pray for the safety of our known friends and all people of Ukraine. 

Our DONATE button leads to a page on our website with two options - Donations to the Rotary Foundation and Donations to Club Projects.  Let’s show them we care and DONATE to offer our emotional and monetary support.


Did you know that you may listen to inspirational speakers, Rotary information and music on the radio in your car, on your phone or on your computer?  There is an app  for free you may download on your I-phone, I-Pad. or Android.  Try it and listen to the  #1 Virtual Radio Station positioned to promote Rotary News locally and internationally with a fuse of good music, talk shows and lots more.  There is also a Facebook page you may "like" to preview upcoming programs.  Up to six family members may use this APP with Family Sharing enabled.
You can also listen on the web
Women In Rotary is a program which showcase female rotarian to the world, an avenue for them to share their rotary stories and many more, so join us on Saturday 8pm as we listen to the Rotary International Vice President and Director Valarie Wafer.
Linda Blench is providing leadership in organizing interested Rotarians in  new gourmet dining groups.  One couple will host a thematic dinner, perhaps focusing on a specific region.  The next meeting will be hosted by another couple in the group. Linda Blench has organized similar groups before although a new twist will be offering the experience via Zoom in addition to the in-person dining experience.  An organizational meeting is set for February 21st at 6:30 pm on Zoom.   Further refinement of the details to kick-off this fun fellowship will be discussed.  The following have already expressed interest:  Linda and Karl Blench, Wind Nguyen, Ed and Robin Charlesworth, Dick and Barbara Robie, Chopin and Joan Kiang, Anais and Buddy Watsky.  We welcome any additional members to join us, too.
Zoom meeting:    ID# 867 6379 2290
Dial by your location:  +1 346 248 7799. (Houston)
                                     +1 312 626 6799. (Chicago)
                                     +1 929 205 6099 (New York)
     Find your local number:  https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kn/AbF1LVB
On the night of June 7, 2022 during the Rotary International Convention being held in Houston, our club is sponsoring a Hospitality Night.  Our venue is The Silos at Sawyer Yards located near downtown Houston.  One of Houston’s most iconic silo buildings, once part of the Riviana complex, The Silos at Sawyer Yards features 97 workspaces for over 100 artists, and it offers retail, gallery, and office space for creative entrepreneurs. The silos complex is home to SITE Gallery Houston, an alternative art space housed inside its 34 rice silos.  We will host 50 visiting Rotarians assigned by Rotary International, providing them a BBQ dinner and entertainment.  It is a great opportunity to meet Rotarians from around the world and share our common interest in service projects.  
The Chairman of this event is Akin Olufashu who located the interesting and historical venue.  Robert Stein is coordinating food services and Isis Meijas will focus on beverages.  President Dick Robin will arrange for tables and chairs.  The venue is a "blank slate" with three open bay where we will set up a welcome table and check-in for our club members (must be pre-purchased at $50 per person).  We may spotlight some of our club projects and exchange information about how our e-club functions.  We will have two ambassadors accompany our guests from their hotels. Ruth Wilke and Wind Nguyen will provide this service on behalf of our club.  They will distribute a handout containing a map of the venue, agenda, and sponsorships. We will have a committee working on the selection of entertainment, possibly Country & Western music.  This committee will include Stan Edward, Greg West and Linda Blench.  A suggestion was made to seek C&W dance instructors or teach a line dance to our guests.  Robin Charlesworth will provide souvenirs for our guest Rotarians.  We will give each guest a handmade Rotary oyster shell representative of our Gulf Coast area and a special Rotary momento.  We will need more volunteers to assist with clean-up at the end of the evening.  It should be ending by about 9:00 pm.  Speak with President Dick to volunteer with clean-up which needs to be completed by 10:00 p.m. including breaking down tables and chairs and trash removal.  
If you are registered for the Rotary International Convention, hopefully you have not selected Host Hospitality Night. If so, RI will assign you to your party for the evening.  If you have not signed up for an activity the evening of June 7th, please sign up on our website to attend our party.   We will have tickets available for $40 per person.  Even if you are volunteering we need to have you purchase a ticket.  No tickets will be sold at the door.  We must inform our caterer of the number of meals to prepare and their will be no on-site food preparation for extras.  Last day to purchase tickets will be May 27th.  
While anyone can access the Rotary International website, members of Rotary are able to learn more detailed information including his/her contributions to the Rotary Foundation, information on Gary Rotary, and information on our Rotary District. To do this a member needs to register, or create an account on the website. Here is how you do it:
To gain maximum use of the Rotary International website, each Rotarian must create an account with Rotary. With this account you will be able to view your Rotary profile, as well as check your contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Here are the steps to do this.
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  4. Fill in the Account registration information and click on Continue. If club number is requested we are club #3359. Our District is 6540.
  5. You will be informed that an e-mail has been sent to you.
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