Dear eClub Members,
Brittany and I had the chance to attend PETS together this month and do some strategic planning
for the upcoming year. One take way we both had was what an amazing club we have. After
hearing some of the unfortunate challenges other clubs are having, we both feel honored and
blessed to have such a supportive and encouraging club. Thank you.
As we prepare to take another step forward in developing the model eClub, I wanted to delve
deeper into the heart of our service-driven organization, by understanding the cornerstone of our
philanthropic efforts: The Rotary Foundation.
Established in 1917, The Rotary Foundation is dedicated to advancing world understanding,
goodwill, and peace. It serves as the charitable arm of Rotary International, supporting our
mission to bring positive change to communities locally and globally. Through our Foundation,
we expand our “social footprint” by transforming lives and making a lasting difference in the
Here's a brief overview of what The Rotary Foundation does:
Humanitarian Projects: The Foundation funds humanitarian projects that address some of the
world's most pressing issues, such as promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water
and sanitation, saving mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local economies.
These projects are often collaborative efforts between Rotary clubs worldwide, ensuring that
resources are utilized efficiently and effectively.
Global Grants: Through global grants, Rotary clubs can access significant funding for larger-
scale projects that have a sustainable and measurable impact. These grants support projects that
align with Rotary's areas of focus and adhere to strict criteria to ensure accountability and
Polio Eradication: One of the Foundation's most significant achievements is its commitment to
eradicating polio worldwide. Rotary, in partnership with organizations like the World Health
Organization, UNICEF, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has made tremendous
progress toward this goal, with polio cases reduced by over 99% since 1988.
Scholarships and Fellowships: The Rotary Foundation offers scholarships and fellowships to
support the next generation of leaders, scholars, and professionals. These programs empower
individuals to pursue academic and professional opportunities that align with Rotary's values of
service, integrity, and leadership.
Rotary Peace Centers: Through the Rotary Peace Centers program, the Foundation trains
individuals in peace and conflict resolution, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to
tackle the root causes of conflict and build sustainable peace in their communities and beyond.
As members of the Rotary Club, our support and contributions to The Rotary Foundation are
crucial. Every donation, whether big or small, makes a difference in our ability to carry out
impactful projects and fulfill our mission of service above self.
To help us further understand the importance of the Rotary Foundation, we have invited PDG
George Yeiter to speak about the Rotary Foundation, it’s impact on our club, your passion
projects and the world.
Yours in Rotary,
Stan Edward, President 2023-24
PDG George Yeiter, in simple to understand language will explain the impact of the Rotary Foundation, how our club benefits and how it may help the projects you're passionate about.  
George is a retired CPA and Certified Financial Planner, and serves as a Rotary Community Volunteer. He has had a distinguished Rotary career having served in many capacities, including District Governor for District 5890 from 2003-04, Delegate to the Rotary International Council on Legislation, 2021-22 District 5890 The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Endowment Fund Co-Chair, 2021-22 Endowment Legacy Club Committee Member, Awardee of The Rotary Foundation’s Citation for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service Award, and member of The Arch Klumph Society.
All club members should have received notification of this meeting next TUESDAY, MARCH 19 @ NOON.  Remember to register for the meeting and you will receive reminders.  Also, the meeting zoom link will be found on the Calendar on our club website.
Rotary offers benefits for people of all ages and backgrounds. From learning more about the world to learning more about yourself, you can grow by engaging with Rotary’s global network and the array of activities, programs, and interest groups that Rotary offers.

When you get involved in Rotary you expand your perspective by honing your skills, learning from professionals, making new connections, and making a difference in your community and around the world.

We know that each member has a unique combination of interests, skills, and talents, and so each member will be attracted to different activities. This guide describes the options you can choose from to personalize your Rotary experience and get involved in ways that matter to you.

Following is a blueprint of how to participate in Rotary and engage as a Rotarian:


Introduce yourself to members in your club to get
to know them better. Being genuinely interested in others shows people you value them, and these small interactions can lead to lasting friendships.  Our e-club offers a Speaker Series monthly on the third Tuesday at noon.  See the website calendar for information on the program.  On the calendar we will also post district events such as fundraisers, all district activities, special events, Rotary training programs. social activities, etc.


When you register for a My Rotary account and create a profile, you can access Rotary’s online tools and locate and connect with members near and far using the Find a Member tool.  If you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask one of our board members.  This is very important to give you easy access to donating to the Rotary Foundation, finding a list of active global grants needing partners, Rotary training, Rotary interest stories, and more.


Clubs are grouped into more than 500 districts worldwide. By connecting with other clubs and leaders in your district, you can learn how to get involved in Rotary beyond your club and make a greater impact.


Volunteering to take part in a project, attend a meeting, or serve in a club role, such as being on a committee, will let you work with others in meaningful ways and contribute to your club’s impact. You can also suggest speakers from service and project partners or from other organizations that share Rotary’s values. Ask your club how you can help.  We encourage you to share YOUR ideas and find a "job" within our club.


You can locate Rotary and Rotaract club meetings to attend using the Find a Club tool. You might think of ways to collaborate on club activities or hear of an idea you want to try with your club. Visiting other clubs fosters new connections and inspiration.  You will always be welcome in any club around the world, and while traveling may make new friends, hear interesting speakers and learn how Rotary participates in their community.


Meet others with similar interests by joining a Rotary Fellowship, an international group of people with a common hobby, identity, culture, or vocation. This is a fun way to make friends and explore a pastime or profession.  We have several club members who have joined the Rotary Wine Fellowship.  


These include people around the world who have expertise and passion in a particular area, such as economic development, education, the environment, or safe water. Join a Rotary Action Group to share your knowledge, develop your skills, and make professional and personal connections.  One of our members, Isis Meijas, initiated WASH-RAG (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Rotary Action Group).  Additionally, there are three groups dedicated to promoting peace - Peace, Refugees, Slavery Prevention.  Other groups focus on fighting disease - Addiction Prevention, Alzheimer's Dementia, Blindness Prevention, Blood and Organ Donation, Diabetes, Mental Health Initiatives, etc.

Experience different cultures and build international understanding and friendships. This program for Rotary members and friends prioritizes cultural immersion, international service, or vocational exchanges. Friendship Exchange participants take turns hosting one another in their homes and clubs.  The Charlesworth's. have enjoyed several memorable trips as part of Rotary Friendship Exchanges with South Africa, Estonia, New Zealand, and Germany.


You can help your club thrive by offering your expertise and skills through serving as a club officer, as a committee member, or in another role.


Find out what projects your club, neighboring clubs, and your district are working on and volunteer for one or more. Work with partners or conduct a community assessment to identify projects that would benefit your local area.  Robert Stein, Community Service Chair, suggests areas of focus for project themes each month.  In addition, we occasionally share projects of other Rotary clubs and they always appreciate more helping hands.  In our e-club we mostly have individual efforts rather than club planned projects due to our wide distribution of members across state lines and even other countries.  Robert would like to capture the time spent by our members in donating time and talent or money donated to community projects.


Many clubs partner with clubs in other parts of the world to address a need in one of their communities. Together, they have more time and funding, as well as the expertise of members, partners, and Rotary program alumni to bring about sustainable, positive change. Find a project and get involved.  We have club members who are engaged with international projects in Guatemala, Ghana, Ukraine, Venezuela, and more.


Raise awareness about Rotary’s work to end polio, donate to the PolioPlus Fund, or volunteer for a National Immunization Day. Post about polio on social media or include a link to in your email signature. Write to us to learn about upcoming trips for NIDs.  We ask each member to donate $50 or more to eradicate ate polio each year in addition to a donation to the Rotary Foundation,  

Nsajigwa John Mwakipesile -  John is a martial arts instructor/coach for ages four to adults.  After inquiring online and speaking with Rick Brady, District Membership Chair-Elect, and then. speaking with our club Membership Chair Michael Paladin Hasty, he decided to apply to our e-club.  He had already been aware of the good deeds done by Rotary around the world.  He says, "I know I can change the world by martial arts like any other form of education taught i can express philosophy of a better world through Martial Arts teaching that will impact the community."  John is divorced and lives in Houston.

Kevin Seok - Kevin is in the solar energy business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  His business is in Grand Prairie and he lives in Mansfield, Texas.  He is interested in supporting worthy causes.  Also, Kevin enjoys photography, hiking, golf, and home improvement projects.  He was introduced to our club by our Membership Chair Michael Paladin Hasty.
Kevin Seok - Kevin is in the solar energy business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  His business is in Grand Prairie and he lives in Mansfield, Texas.  He is interested in supporting worthy causes.  Also, Kevin enjoys photography, hiking, golf, and home improvement projects.  He was introduced to our club by our Membership Chair Michael Paladin Hasty.
Valerii Iakovenko - Over the last two years, our dedicated team has empowered over 90,000 families to achieve energy independence in Europe. But it's not just about empowering homes; it's about transforming businesses, fortifying critical infrastructure, and enhancing government facilities. This initiative is one of the most extensive of its kind on the globe, and my pride in our team's accomplishments knows no bounds.  Also,  "I'm thrilled to announce a landmark partnership with the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks," as we signed a memorandum of cooperation. 🤝 This collaboration opens up new horizons for both our organizations, creating opportunities to extend our support to those in need, especially to children's hospitals, specialized schools, orphanages, and other social institutions."  And, he is starting an exciting chapter collaborating on initiatives focused on Veteran Affairs in Washington, D.C., under the Congressional International Leadership Initiative and the Department of State. "It's a privilege to be involved in such meaningful work, addressing the needs and concerns of our veterans."  Opportunities are endless for projects in Ukraine and we are so proud of our fellow Rotarian for growing his business with innovative solutions and plans for the future amidst bombings and war, in addition to giving back to his community.  Valerii now resides in Philadelphia with his wife, Sasha, who was our first Open World team facilitator.
ML Brookshire - Shared with our club members via WhatsApp an invitation to join the First Global e-Conference for Rotary e-Clubs.  When?  March 16 @ 11:00 am EST.  The zoom meeting link is as follows:
  passcode:  339532
Also, here is a nice pic of ML with Past RI President Jennifer Jones from the All-Club meeting -
Sidik Ibrahim - Gave generously at the All-Club District Meeting to become our club's newest member of the Paul Harris Society in our district.  The Paul Harris Society was established to recognize Rotarians and friends of Rotary who contribute at least 1,000.00 per person in their own names during each Rotary year (July 1 through June 30) to the Annual Fund or PolioPlus or approved grants of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
Harish Krishnarao - Busy with consulting with Rotary clubs district wide about Rotary Foundation grants.  Check out his. posting on our club WhatsApp group for the Global Grant process.  He offers support for approximately 20 grants in our district.  Typically, clubs apply for only one Global Grant at a time.   There are forms to complete, updates, and a final report required prior to submitting another grant,  Any questions about this process, please contact Harish.
Isis Meijas -  Featured in The Rotarian magazine this month!  Isis is passionate about Rotary and the grant process with success doing water projects and medical projects.  Read the article to get to know her better and to inspire you to be a part of making this world a better place.
Brittany Johnson and Stan Edwards - Attended PETS training to prepare for their leadership roles in our club with President-Elects all across Texas and Oklahoma.  A highlight was meeting other leaders of. e-clubs and planning to meet online. together to discuss issues relevant to management and growth of e-clubs. They were impressed with our incoming RI President-Elect Stephanie Urchick.  The 2024-25 presidential theme is The Magic of Rotary and called on members to recognize and amplify the organization’s power to save lives.

You Are Invited to A New Exhibit Coming to Houston

I'm excited share with you information about Heartstrings: Connection to the World's Children, a new interactive and immersive exhibit curated by UNICEF USA that will bring the global challenges faced by the young to the forefront. This multi-city exhibit will kick off in Houston and run from March 21 to April 7. It is part of a 13-city journey over the next two years that will bring this exhibit to over 200,000 people. The event represents a collaborative effort to connect communities with the realities of kids worldwide. The immersive display will be carried out across eight zones in Post Houston, each dedicated to highlighting core pillars crucial for the success and future of the world's youth. The first part of the exhibit talks about birth to a few years old and what it's like being a child as a way to connect people to the things that are important for children in those first 1,000 days of their lives. Other sections in the show explore themes such as education and the importance of being heard.

Spotlight on Polio Eradication
Rotary’s work to eradicate polio will be prominently featured. A photo and story will depict this life saving work, and we and our partnership with UNICEF will be featured. Rotary along with the Gates Foundation are the only two organizations named in the exhibit, and our logo will also be featured as a partner at the entryway. Our work will be shared with hundreds of thousands of visitors to the exhibit, and we're hopeful that many Rotarians will want to go to the exhibit with their families to take pride in our polio eradication efforts, attend as a special club outing or attract prospective members to join us. UNICEF USA is offering special pricing to Rotarians with 10% in gratitude for our longstanding partnership with a dedicated ticketing page.  The exhibit is family-friendly and available in both English and Spanish.

For timed-entry tickets and more details, click this.

To learn more about what you'll experience during this exhibit, please view the first 1:45 of this video or read more in a recent issue of Houstonia Magazine.

Members of the Rotary Club of West U plan to go as a group on Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 4:30 PM.  All Rotarians and their families are welcome to join us!

Best Wishes and please let me know if you have any questions, 

Terry Ziegler
Past President, Rotary Club of West U (Houston, TX) 
Polio Eradication Update Newsletter Editor
Books for the World  - Second Wind Foundation Trustee 
Rotary Region 36 END POLIO NOW Coordinator 2024-27
March 2024
The Houston E-Club community service theme for February and March is Volunteerism – Health, Water & Sanitation – Polio. This is an opportunity for our E-club to focus on some KEY Rotary Areas of global service. Please spread the word and participate locally, individually in the name of rotary, and join our club in targeted events to demonstrate ACTIVE volunteerism making the world and our communities a better place. 
We ask that you communicate your participation in any of these activities and use our new communication platform to help us document our club’s execution of “Service Above Self” culture wherever you are.
WHAT:  Mental Health Summit
WHEN:  May 4, 2024.   9:00 am - 1:00 pm
WHERE:  Memorial Church of Christ

Rotary International President Gordon McInally has asked all of us to “become champions in our effort to illuminate mental health needs near and far”.  In this initiative he also says “we need to advocate for removal of the stigma talking about mental health, help people find better quality care, and support them through their journey to recovery”.
How can we all do this ?  Education on this topic is very important, and letting those ( of all ages)
know it’s ok to talk about mental health and to let them know what resources are available to them!
The District 5890 Mental Health Committee is planning a Mental Health Summit in March of 2024. Your help is needed. We hope to have a member of each club participate and I’m presently talking to the chairs of our Interact clubs and the Interact students themselves on September 30th at Round Up.
The Summit will consist of break out sessions with professional speakers in their areas of expertise in the mental field in the Houston area.  Soon the program including the list of speakers will be posted on our club website.  There will also be panel discussions with adults and with students. 
We would greatly appreciate your help! Please call me or email me if you are interested in helping:)
Evelyn Traylor 
Rotary 5890 Mental Health Chair
My cell:  281-794-0687 
Monthly Board of Directors Meetings - Second Tuesday each month @ Noon
Monthly Zoom Meetings with Speakers - Third Tuesday each month @ Noon
February 24  All-Club District 5890 Meeting @ Safari Ranch -
  *One more seat at our club table (#20) .  Contact Robin Charlesworth @ 970-880-0960 to sit at the club table, but more may still buy tickets - see district website.
March 4  Mental Health Summit @ 
March 8  International Women's Day
March 14 Rotary Night at the Rodeo
March 19 Speaker Series - The Rotary Foundation - Why We Support It & How To Give
April 25 - 28  "Cheeseburger in Paradise" District Conference 
The Rotary Foundation and all worldwide Rotary clubs have a motto, "Every Rotarian Every Year".  That's right, we are encouraged to support OUR Foundation every year in some dollar amount plus another donation to END POLIO.  PDG Nick Giannone has announced a special BONUS for your giving to the Rotary Foundation.  "I thought I might try to help make us an All Paul Harris Member Club for 2023-2024.  So, I am going to give everyone an incentive to donate to the Rotary Foundation in 2023-2024.  Staring 7/1/24, I will credit you one point for every dollar you give to the Foundation or Polio Plus, up to 500 points or until I run out of points (around 20,000).  So, one can become a Paul Harris Fellow for $500 or less instead of $1,000.  Plus remember Bill Gates will triple what you give to Polio Plus!  A win, win, win situation for Rotary!  LET'S DO IT!  Come on, let's be an ALL PAUL HARRIS CLUB in the new Rotary year."

This is a great opportunity to elevate our giving status which is monitored by Rotary International and our giving level directly impacts how much we receive in return for District Grants each year.  There is no shortage on worthwhile projects, yet we always need more money to support identified projects.  Please consider giving a minimum of $100 annually to our Rotary Foundation.  To accomplish this login to My Rotary on the Rotary International website.  There you will find a DONATE button at the top right corner.  There are options for giving:  Annual Fund, PolioPlus, World Fund, Disaster Response, Pakistan or Ukraine.  We ask that you first select Annual Fund as a portion of these funds are returned to our district to support our District Grants.  Additionally, support for the Polio Plus Fund is encouraged each year until we successfully END POLIO.  
If you need assistance with this process and setting up a MyRotary login, please reach out to any of our Board members. Together we are making progress to "Make this World a Better Place".  
1.  Attend the Meeting/Speaker Series on Tuesday,  March 19, 2024 at Noon CST.
2.  Read the newsletter and listen to the TedTalk (counts as a meeting credit).
3.  Update your own Biography on ClubRunner.  If you have already written yours, please read about another club member to get to know them better.
4.  Notify Robin Charlesworth or Wind Nguyen if you are not on the club's WhatsApp group.
6.  Community Service -   Donate to a clean water project or to    "End Polio Now".
7.  Reach out and call a fellow club member to build better friendships.
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Melissa Ramon - Amaanah
Apr 16, 2024 12:00 PM
Refugees in Houston
PDG George Yeiter
Mar 19, 2024 12:00 PM
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April 2024
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